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5 Uses Of Vaseline That You Probably Had No Idea Of

5 Uses Of Vaseline That You Probably Had No Idea Of

Vaseline is one of those products that we’ve all grown up seeing, and that’s been part of our toiletries. This classic salve has been around for more than 140 years, and for good reason. From the most basic uses — preventing chapped lips and dry heels to the bizarre number of hacks it’s associated with, this jelly can fix just about any beauty problem, or so it seems. It may appear as one of the more boring items to stock up on, but here’s why you should be using this miracle salve more often.

Make Your Fragrance Longlasting

Smear a little bit of Vaseline jelly over your perfume points (wrist, neck, cleavage, inner corners of the elbows, back of the knees). Then spritz your perfume on top of it. This allows your perfume last longer. 

Tame Unruly Brows

Keep your brows in place by running a spoolie with a little bit of Vaseline through your eyebrow hairs. This not only conditions your eyebrow but also keeps them in place throughout the day.

Use It As A Highlighter

Mix one-part Vaseline with one-part liquid highlighter to make a hydrating body illuminator. Apply it on your collarbones, shoulder bones, down the front of your legs, and just about any other feature that you’d like to highlight.

As A Makeup Remover

Vaseline substitutes as an inexpensive option for eye makeup remover. Use it with a cotton swab to gently take off your eye makeup. If you’re wearing false lashes, apply some Vaseline to your lash line and get them off easily without pulling out any of your natural lashes.

An Alternative To Mascara

Did you run out of mascara? Use Vaseline instead. Take a little bit of the jelly on a spoolie brush, and run it through your lashes. Not only does this define and gloss up the eyelashes, it also helps condition them. Additionally, Vaseline is rumoured to help lashes grow longer.