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Perfect Your Instagram Selfie With These Easy-To-Remember Tips

Perfect Your Instagram Selfie With These Easy-To-Remember Tips

Turns out it takes way more than just point and shoot to nail that perfect selfie. Doesn’t it get on your nerve when beauty bloggers, celebrities and the so-called IT girls get that flawless beauty selfies while you’re busy editing your pictures to come remotely close to their level? Talk about being constantly blessed with high-quality lighting, good angles and flattering makeup. The truth to cracking that sublime selfie is actually no rocket science at all. Anybody can pout their way out and work their way to perfection by keeping these tips and tricks in mind when posing before a front-facing camera.

Step 1: Focus on one feature

Ladies, it is either your lips or your eyes that do the talking in a selfie, not both. Applying major eye and lip makeup to pose for one picture can look way too much. Try and allow one feature to make a statement. Balance a bold Gothic lip with a classic winged eyeliner. In case you’re going all out with the eye makeup, go for a toned-down lip colour or neutral nudes.

Best Instagram Selfies
Pic Credit: Kaushal; Kathleenlights (Instagram)

Step 2: Always be EXTRA

If there’s one place where you’re officially allowed to be extra, it’s got to be Instagram. Load up on extra coats of mascara, more lipstick and a tad more highlighter for the perfect Instagram selfie. In case you think it is too much for day time, we’ll assure you that it is immaculate for Instagram. While applying your makeup, keep clicking selfies at every stage to see how it looks on camera. You will be amazed how the camera catches every little detail that the naked eye misses.

Step 3: Let your brow game be strong

Eyebrows can make or break a selfie. No matter how on-fleek your makeup is, if your brows look disastrous, no editing app can save you from the mess you’ve made. Fill your brows but don’t go extra when it comes to brow powder unless the LOTD is Frida Kahlo-esque.

Step 4: Conceal, don’t feel and don’t let it show

If there’s one Holy Grail in makeup that hosts the tricks to correct all flaws in the beauty look that your camera catches, it’s the concealer. Conceal around your brows and lips to make it look sharper. Your winged liner will be on point with a hint of concealer around it.

Best insta selfies Linda Halberg
Pic Credit: Linda Hallberg, Rose Siard (Instagram)

Step 5: Let there be light on your good side

It sounds obvious but lighting and angles are key to a great selfie. In fact, good lighting is a prerequisite. Your hunt for finding that perfect light should always be on. Head to every window and balcony if you must to catch that perfect ray of sunshine that’ll highlight all the right angles of your face. We all have that one good side that we always turn to. And if you don’t know your angles by now, what have you been doing your whole life? (Don’t forget to hold your phone slightly above your head).

Step 6: Filters Matter

Now that you’ve got your makeup tips and angles in place, it is time to find the ideal filter. Of course you need to add a filter to make your flawless face appear more magnificent in front of the camera. Crank up that saturation and allow the colours to appear even more vibrant. And that’s how you should roll.