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Here’s Why We Are Completely On Board With Powder Lipsticks

Here’s Why We Are Completely On Board With Powder Lipsticks

If you have never heard of K-beauty, we are damn sure you’re living under a rock. And if you thought Korean beauty or its better-known acronym K-beauty is (only) about intensive and exhaustive skincare makeup routines, then you are clearly mistaken. South Korea’s skincare and beauty trends are so radical, they are light years ahead of the rest of the world. If we’re in 2017, K-beauty’s probably in 2050… and we’re talking about everything from their face masks that bubble, cushion foundation, rainbow highlighters, the works.

Just when we thought that the matte lipstick market was officially saturated what its tons of options, we have people losing their minds over another K-beauty import — the powder lipstick. Like all things K-beauty, powder lipsticks (also called lip powder) have been enjoying popularity in Korea for a while now, but these have only lately been finding traction in the rest of the world.

While everyone’s going gaga about this beauty product, what exactly is powder lipstick? Well, we researched, and it is exactly what it sounds like — lipstick in a powdery form resembling loose eyeshadow. It comes in a regular tube with an applicator, turns liquid the minute it touches your skin and finally sets to a matte finish. Skeptical much? Allow us to extol the virtues of this beauty miracle that is powder lipstick:

Lightweight Formula

Powder lipsticks are known for being lightweight to the point of feeling like you have nothing on your lips. This doesn’t mean that it is sheer. The product only feels like you have nothing more than baby powder on your lips.

Extremely intense

Being lightweight doesn’t affect the pigmentation of the product. Also, these are available in bright and intense colours, unlike lip and cheek tints that tend to be on the sheer, natural side.

Precise Applicators 

We are always mentally prepared for some amount of fallout while applying loose powder. That’s science right… if it’s finely milled, it’s going to fall out? Powder lipsticks are notorious for their sharp applicators that prevent fallout.


Excuse us while we pick our jaw off the floor. Powder lipsticks do not bleed or shift away from the lipline throughout the day. Well, we must exclaim that these last and how! The product might fade post a couple of hours (of application), and meals but your lips will still have a lovely deep stain.

Does not flake

You must have noticed that even the best brands and formulas start flaking after some hours of wear. But not powder lipstick. It might lighten a bit and fade away, but flake it will not.


The best part about powder lipstick is that it doesn’t transfer or smudge from the get-go. The only downside is that it is quite dry, which is sort of obvious since it is powdery. But that shouldn’t be a problem for people who use matte liquid lipsticks. Make sure you exfoliate your lips and moisturise them well before using powder lipsticks and you are sorted.