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10 Style Hacks For Stylish Men

10 Style Hacks For Stylish Men

Looking stylish without burning a hole in your pocket can be quite a task especially if you have no knowledge of how to do it. That’s where we come handy. For the uber cool man that you are, here are some amazingly light-on-the-pocket hacks you can use to amp that style quotient of yours.

A Tuck In Or Not?

While majority of button-down shirts are made to be tucked in, not all need to be. If the ends of your shirt are long in front and back while are short and curved along the side, they should be tucked in pronto! The only time your shirt remains un-tucked is when the ends of your shirt are straight and fall just below your waist. Anything longer goes right in.

Honey I Shrank My T-shirt!

While you maybe immune to murdering your favourite t-shirt with continuous washing, it’s not something you should keep doing. Also if you can salvage it, do so. Prepare a mixture of hot water with a blob of hair conditioner (don’t have one? steal your sister’s or your wife’s!) and soak your t- shirt in it for five minutes.

Those Ugly Cracks In Your Belt…

Contrary to popular practice, never ever coil your belts. Hang them vertically. If they are made of pure leather, show them some love. Clean your belts with a 50-50 mixture of vinegar and water with a soft cloth and allow it to dry. You also could use a similar coloured polish (the same that you use for shoes) to get them looking shiny and new. Invest in pure leather belts rather than imitations to ensure they last longer.

 Get A Haircut Please?

You can change your look instantly by getting a new haircut. Always get a cut that suits your face-shape. Get your hair cropped close to your sides if you have a round face. Keep your hair longer on the sides if you have a long face. Also, if you are balding, especially from the top, keep the hair on the sides and top, cropped short to keep the entire look balanced. Also, while you’re at it, make sure your forehead is clean without tufts of hair sticking around the corners and boys, clean those side burns up!

 For A Sweet Smelling You

If you find yourself reaching out for your deodorant 3 or 4 times in a day, here’s a secret to make yourself smell better for longer without resorting to multiple sprays through the day.

Rub a finger full of Vaseline (yup, you heard us right!) on the area where you want to spray cologne or deodorant – wrists, neck, underarms – and then spray your scent on the Vaseline. Vaseline will help hold the fragrance closer to your skin because of its occlusive property, making sure you smell delightful all day long.

 A Colour Pop

For someone who hasn’t worn any colour apart from grey, blue, black and white, wearing any other colour can be quite intimidating. However, colours like yellow, purple, pink or red in small doses can add interest and depth to your outfit, helping you stand apart from the crowd. Start by adding some colour in your tie or wear a patterned or checked shirt.

 The Life Of A Pair Of Jeans: Extended

Before putting your favourite pair of denims in the washing machine make sure to button and zip them up and turn them inside out. Avoid the ‘tumble dry’ or ‘spin dry’ option and let them air dry instead. They will look new for longer also, this will decrease their chances of shrinking.

 Denim Overload

Yes, it’s the done thing! Most men shy away from wearing too much denim, but trust me, there is nothing like too much denim. What you need to remember however is to never match the shade of your denim shirt with jeans you’re wearing.

Hack 101: Skin-tone

You can’t carry a pocket colour wheel every time you go shopping. Most of us have an instinctive liking towards particular colours. Believe in them, those are the colours that will make you feel good and look good. Here’s a little trick to see which colours will look best on you. Drape the fabric under your chin; if your skin appears bright, if the shadows under your eyes look lighter, it’s a good colour for you to wear. However, if it makes the bags under your eyes look deeper or accentuates the fine lines on your face, stay away from it.

 #Instagram To The Save

You will be surprised by the fashion inspiration you can derive by using hashtags for your favourite garment on Instagram. Try for example #fasionblogger, #styleinspiration, #ig_street, #personalstyle.

You may happen to come across a great look that you can easily put together with very little effort.