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3 Stylish Drapes To Wear This Summer

3 Stylish Drapes To Wear This Summer

Following our effort to help you build a perfect “Summer Closet”, the next trendy item on our list is Saree.  This elegant and graceful piece of clothing, Saree, embodies traditional and modern India like no other. Moreover, it enhances the beauty of each body type and exudes a feminine aura.

Owing to the huge fashion transformation over last couple of years, most designers are bringing back the traditional clothing with a modern twist. And special attention is being paid on easy to carry daily attires that could be worn to work, luncheon, shopping and lounge.

To help you keep your fashion game up, we have put together some summery options that will not only help you beat the heat, but also make a few heads turn. And if that wasn’t enough, this almost fully-covered piece of clothing will even protect you from getting that unwanted summer tan!

  1. Cotton Sarees

Cotton is the go-to fabric for summers! It’s breezy, light weight and absorbent, hence, a perfect pick for the scorching heat. Not just that, with some embellishment and embroidery, a cotton saree can fit just about any occasion under the sun (quite literally).

Shop from – Bursana, Tilottma Handloom, Mirraw, Nalli

  1. Net and Tissue Sarees

Net and Tissue are another summer appropriate fabric. Their light-weightiness makes them an easy to carry option for dressy day events. This fabric also has a hint of shine to it which qualifies it as an evening wear as well.

Shop from – Utsav Fashion, Peach Mode, Kavani, India Rush

  1. Ombre Sarees

Ombre as a print can be very visually appealing on any attire. Bringing the dual tone print to sarees makes an interesting outfit with pleasing contrast on upper half and lower half. Though they are stylish and appropriate for special occasions, they have little to no embroidery or embellishments, which make them perfect for hot, outdoor summer events.

Shop from – Kalki Fashion, Soch, East & Grace

Summer sarees should be accessorized using fun, light-weight, ethnic jewelry such as wooden bangles, colorful beaded necklaces, silver pendants, silver bangles and jhumkas (Indian earrings). These will add a unique Indian charm to the outfit without taking away the fun and feminine vibe of the saree.