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5 Must-Have Travel Essentials For Men

5 Must-Have Travel Essentials For Men

It seems these days that airlines overhead bins keep getting smaller and smaller. On top of that, checking in a piece of luggage not only costs a few bucks more but there is always a chance that the airline could lose your luggage. With these two factors, the the stylish gentleman needs to pack smart on his travels. Like a swiss army knife, the items packed in his arsenal should be able to fit multiple scenarios effortlessly. So, whether your next trip is for work, leisure or both, having a list of travel essentials handy will help you pack efficiently. Here’s how it’s done:

Easy Transformation

A wise trick is to pack clothes and accessories that can easily transition from work to party. Most workplaces now are business casual or some variation thereof. This does not mean you cannot be stylish. A Navy suit for the formal occasions and a universal pair of well-fitting grey trousers for casual Fridays can suffice. Pair these items with a formal shirt for each day you are working. Assuming a three-day business trip, two white shirts and a blue shirt would suffice. For accessories, you have a pair of brown burnished shoes (slip on for security), a brown belt and a watch with interchangeable bands can be smart picks to help you transition from the board room to the bar room. Throw in a pair of jeans that you can slip into between work and play and you have a versatile and efficient wardrobe on the go.


Go Monochromatic

Your wandering expeditions like beach time or night out in town would require smart casuals. The trick here is to pack clothes that won’t need much washing. So, having a pair of grey shorts and denims, light grey and black T-shirt with a pair of flip-flops or driver shoes is good enough to make you look casual and stylish. The key, however, is to ensure that colours are mixed well. If you want to play safe, then choose a monochromatic look that’s classic and stunning to carry. Small accessories such as a necklace or bracelet can really enhance the casual look without taking up too much space.


Play the Mix Up

Minimise your packing hassles by maximising your ability to mix and match. Simply choose pieces that go well with each other; so that you have a new pair to wear without carrying too much. Accommodate your travelling needs according to the weather of your destination, i.e. include sweaters for cold and cottons/linens for hot weather. In case of winters, carry a black sweater, one that can pair with a white shirt and jeans, or be worn at the office with chinos.


Bring Out Your Cleanliness Quotient

The most attractive thing about men is their hygiene factor. Although you may feel enough, never miss out on packing spare underwear along with one new pair for each day. Ensure all other toiletries are packed well in good quantities. Pack a small kit with all that you need from dental care, shaving kit, and to a fragrant perfume. These are a must in your list while travelling.


Dress For The Location

If you are travelling overseas, you are ought to visit the airport, which needs specific attire. Wear a buttoned shirt with a pair of chinos that are comfortable and look presentable, even when you get off the plane. You could carry a sweater or pull over along with you to avoid getting cold. Your shoes must be comfortable enough to walk through the airport, slip on and off for TSA – and yet have the ability to look good in the boardroom – that’s why make sure you polish them before you leave on a trip – and have a touch up kit handy.


Your journey becomes congenial when all your travel essentials are in place. So, simply put your essentials in place for an unforgettable experience!

Opportunity awaits the one who is well dressed – especially while travelling! Invest in clothes that look exuberant and exclusive. If ready-to-wear is your pick, then choose what is well-fitting as well as comfortable to avoid worrying about changing while enjoying a long day.