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5 Reasons To Digitise Your Closet ASAP

5 Reasons To Digitise Your Closet ASAP

If you’re one of that who stand in front of an overcrowded closet and cries ‘no clothes to wear today’, then you’ve come to the right place. In today’s day and age where most things are digitised, why isn’t your closet digitised yet? We here at WODROB believe in ‘a sound closet is a sound mind’ motto. How many Monday mornings are you distraught and confused as to what to wear to work? Last minute dates… skirt or dress? And worst of all, do you still have that Forever 21 sweater you bought three winters back. Well, need we say more?

A smart wardrobe organiser will not only double up as a magic wand to sort your garments but can also act as your digital stylist and shopping buddy. While time may be slowing down (it feel like that sometimes, doesn’t it?) our fast-paced lives are getting no slower and what’s better than having your entire closet in your palm?  Plan an outfit on the go, and save time and those tedious long hours of deliberation.
Need more convincing? Read on why digitising your closet is the way to go now!

Track Your Closet

Digitising your closet will help track what you have and don’t have. How many times, while shopping, have you bought the exact striped tee only to realise that you had an identical one stashed away in your closet? If you’ve got your closet on the go with you, not only will it help save those extra bucks but also assist you into buying something you really do require. It will also help cut through the chaos going on in your closet, trust us.

Status Updates

Instead of yelling out to your mum, the next time you’re not sure whether your jeans are in the laundry or not, you’ll only be a tap away from finding out! Most closet management apps will keep you updated on the status of your clothes. Whether that off-the-shoulder top was worn yesterday or whether those tights have gone for a wash, the app will have info on it all. Free your mind of these tiny details ‘coz the app has a memory of its own to do that for you.

Say Yes To Time Management

The one thing most of us struggle with is time management. With busy schedules at work and loads of partying to do, we don’t have hours to decide on an outfit now, do we? Digitising your closet will help you mix and match your outfits when you’re on the go. You will virtually be able to browse through your entire closet in seconds while on the way home from work, and create that optimal look for your night out. The only thing you’ll actually need to get done is put on that outfit when you get home. Who ever thought?

Colour In Your Closet

How many times has someone told you that your entire closet is made of only one colour? While you may think that is alright…it quite isn’t. We’re not saying it’s not cool to have a favourite colour. However, experimenting and sporting different colours will help expand your closet and your style. Digitising your closet will help you do just this. Not only will this app assist you to track the colours you have in your closet, it’ll also help you buy newer colours and expand your colour combo styling ideas.

Accessorising Done Right

There’s no doubt that accessorising is a major aspect of fashion. From blingy earrings to chunky neckpieces, accessories help add that extra oomph to your look. However, while we can’t help as to how you stash your accessories (yes, we knew that) we can help you keep a track of what you own and what you may need. This will also help you experiment and curate newer looks. You’re going to experience the ‘oh, that’s right. I have those golden hoops’ moment. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.