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7 Men’s Grooming Essentials To Carry On Your Next Holiday

7 Men’s Grooming Essentials To Carry On Your Next Holiday

It’s vacation time currently, and while all you men might be grinning (and smirking) at your significant other’s over-packed bags, you may regret not carrying a few things yourself when you’re away from home. Oh Yes! Packing light is important when on travel mode. However, what is most important is that you pack a few essentials; it’ll only ensure your vacation is more fulfilling.

We’ll leave the clothing essentials for another time. RN, what we’re most keen on talking about are the key beauty essentials all you men MUST carry on your next trip. We at WODROB do not mind a metrosexual man. In fact, being well groomed only speaks volumes about one’s personality, and it isn’t something to be ashamed about. We think beauty is not just restricted to women anymore. Also, when travelling, IT IS important to groom yourself.

First things first, and we’ve mentioned this earlier on, pack light but pack smart. We’ve got you the perfect guide to pack your beauty essentials (yes, it’s okay to call it ‘beauty’). Browse through our seven must-haves and tell us which one comes most handy. We are just a comment at @wodrob on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Face Scrub

We know you’re probably thinking ‘why would I need a scrub?’ Just like women, your skin and face is subject to the pollution. And if you’re of the opinion that a man’s skin is ‘tougher’ than a woman’s, we’ll bust that myth rightaway. Scrubbing helps hydrate the skin and opens out pores after a long day in the sun. A facial scrub is essential as it cleans out the dirt that your face has attracted and accumulated. With an abrasive base in it, a scrub should be used gently on the skin.

Face Wash

We can’t count the number of men who have told us ‘why would we use a face wash, soap works perfectly well for us’. Okay, let’s get this sorted once and for all. Soap just DOESN’T cut it when it comes to cleansing the face. It is important to remember that the skin on your face is much more delicate than that on your body, and so it needs more care. When travelling, it is obvious that if nothing, your face will be exposed to the harsh sun and dirt all day long. Carrying a face wash that suits your skin (oily or dry or combination) is key. Your soap may take off all the dirt from your face, but a face wash will help soften the skin and impart a glow.


We understand that vacation time allows you to relax and zone out. But you don’t want to get back to the grind after five days and then spend more than a month doing damage control, do you? When it comes to a moisturiser, we know you’ve secretly stolen your mom’s at some point, and even tried it out. There’s nothing not to love about a moisturiser, boys. It helps hydrate your skin and keeps it smooth. It also prevents rashes. Oh and let’s not forget that it shields the skin from itchiness, one that is easy to get when traveling to a new place and a different climate zone.

Sun Block

No, sun block isn’t only applied when you go swimming. This one’s an essential and you should never travel without it. Unless you’re one to sit indoors the whole day (and we bet you’re not), sun block should be your go-to not only while travelling but in everyday life too. We love the tall, DARK and handsome man. But we’re not sure how much we love the tall, BADLY-TANNED guy. The right sun block with an accurate SPF (preferably 20 and above for men) will help keep the harmful UV rays at bay. Now, galavant outdoors in the bright sun without a worry in the world.


Okay! This one’s a must-have boys. Especially on vacations, we tend to spend only about 20 per cent of our time in the hotel, that too at night. Deodorant should be in your backpack at all times when on a trip. An unexpected dance or a fancy lunch while visiting the beach? You’ll just be a spray away from smelling your best self. And men, remember, women love a man who smells good.


No, a deodorant isn’t an alternative to a perfume. Like the deodorant, we aren’t asking you to carry one at all times in your bag. Nonetheless, you’ll never regret a few sprints of a good perfume before you take off. Perfume has properties of lasting scents that can stay almost all day long.
WM Tip: Do not try using your perfume as a deo because it doesn’t have properties of freshness that a deodorant offers.

Hair Gel

You never know what comes up when you’re out vacationing. A sudden formal dinner or a beach visit can pop up at anytime. And who doesn’t want to look their dapper self especially for the photographs. Your hair plays an important part in your appearance and messy hair is not something you want to worry about on a holiday. Which is why you need hair gel. Hair gel not only helps keep your hair in place and well-spiked up if that’s what you need. It also protects your hair from harmful sun rays and keeps the hair colour intact (yes, colour too is affected when exposed to the sun). Say yes to hair gel on your next trip, and we bet all your pics will be #InstaReady.