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7 Must-Have Saree Styles For The Wedding Season, And How To Nail Them

7 Must-Have Saree Styles For The Wedding Season, And How To Nail Them

Sarees are the quintessential to Indian occasions. They are elegant and have a subtle sensual charm about them. And honestly, everybody looks stunning in a saree. Now, that the wedding season is here, you can bring out those beautiful drapes and head out, looking (and feeling) extremely stylish.

If you’re worried about a particular saree not working for you, this list of the current wedding season’s saree trends, and guide on how to wear them right, should help:

1) Gold and Grandeur

If you hadn’t figured out what to wear for your bestie’s wedding reception or any grand occasion, then this is your cue. Nothing spells grandeur like metallic hues do.  Pair your metallic sarees with minimum accessories.

For an all-out glam look, fix your hair into a braided updo, add drama onto your eyes, use brozer and blush to really define your cheek bones, and wear a glossy lip colour. That way, you’d be left looking sharp, and divalicious. To tone down the look, however, style it with a contrasting single-colored blouse and keep your makeup simple.

WM tip: If you are slender, go ahead and pin up the pallu of your saree to your shoulder and flaunt those curves.


2) Eye for Embroidery

If you are hung up on vintage sagas and can’t get your mind off those embroidered sarees, then this one is just for you. However, keep in mind that the kind of embroidery and how you work with it can dramatically change your look. For an occasion that does not require you to be all decked up, go in for a saree with a thin, embroidered border. An embroidered blouse with a plain saree can work well for a friend’s wedding. Go in for embroidered pallus, or heavier, fully worked up sarees only if it’s a wedding in the family or you’re really close to the couple getting hitched.

Remember, the base fabric also matters. These sarees could make you look heavier, and so, stick to fluid or sheer fabrics if you’re not too thin. Sheer fabrics, when embroidered, however, look dressier, so pick these for the bigger occasions.

WM tip: Another way to wear the trend is to go in for a plain saree, and pair it up with an embroidered jacket on it. This way, you get to don another saree trend – layering. Win win.


3) Sheer Love

Sheer is for all. This is one trend that nobody can possibly get over, and the best part is, no matter what your body type, you can don the trend, remaining confident that it’s going to help you achieve to look you desire. The delicate and ethereal feel that sheers bring is unbeatable. For a more relaxed occasion like mehendi, opt for lace – you get to wear sheer, yet, you’re not going to be underdressed (plain net) or a little over-the-top-than-needed (embellished net). The latter, though, can be worn at the reception – think sarees in nudes, with metallic embellishments, or one in pastel shades. Add a sleek kamarbandh to your attire; this will instantly transform your look.

WM tip: If you’re attending a winter wedding in some place cold, like up north, you can wear a skin-colored full-sleeved top or bodysuit under your saree. That way, you’re saved from the cold, not from living like a doll!


4) Ombre All the Way

Go in sync with the latest fashion trend; choose gradient. Ombre adds a different mood and appeal to the look. These sarees are classy and very pleasing to the eyes. For night time, choose rich shades like midnight, royal or deep blue, bottle green, or even a deep red. Similarly, choose from a warmer palette for the daytime events. Your ombre saree is an all rounder and can be repeated at several occasions – transform your look by teaming it up with different blouses or layering up. The best way to style them is to wear a printed blouse that adds details to the look.

WM tip: Feel free to really play around with your accessories to change the look from subtle to grand, as ombre highlights and makes your accessories the hero element in your look.


5) Rich Bold Hues

Red is a classic at weddings. But, for a change, go regal with colours like violet, midnight blue, bottle green, maroon or black. To further add to the effect, throw in some velvet. The look will speak for itself and can be sported at any occasions, be it the wedding, the engagement or even a cocktail party. But do notice the richness of the texture and use the saree for suitable occasions only – the fabric and work will cue you in on what to wear when.

WM tip: Playing around with the length of the blouse sleeve would be a great idea. In fact, play even with the length of the blouse itself. A long, fitted blouse has that unmatched old world charm, and it works well for when the crowd around is going to be conservative.


6) The Traditional Touch

If you have always adored your mum’s Kanjeevaram or Baalichuri, then stop drooling and try them on. They are effortlessly stunning and will be a sure shot winner at any event. These traditional Indian yards are a treasure that need to be fetched and put to good use. Be it a Banarasi saree, or a traditional silk, wear them with pride. You’d think the fabric would make you look big, but truth is, these sarees are usually such spotlight stealers, that everyone around would be enchanted with the beauty of the work on them. When neatly pleated, they’re really going to look nice on you.

WM tip: Try to get maximum focus on the saree by opting for muted accessories – stick to a single statement piece for accessories, and finish your look with a bindi.


7) Experiment with Cholis, Draping Styles and Lengths

Innovate and experiment with your attire. Try draping your saree in a dhoti style or in a pleated front fashion. You must also try out different blouses, from backless to crops, from asymmetric cuts to full-length blouses (yes, those too!). Be choosy about the material, for example georgette or chiffon would work well in warmer places while a velvet or a heavier saree would be apt for cold places. When choosing the style and fabric, remember to draw attention to your assets, and away from problem areas – if you’ve got well-toned arms, but are a pear shape, wearing a halter blouse would help show off, but if you pleat up the pallu to the shoulder, your figure will be even more evident. So, balance it out – sheer fabrics and pallu left loose, or your saree draped with the pallu in front like the Guajaratis do, will look good.

WM Tip: If you’re on the heavier side, make a conscious choice with respect to the colours you pick. A darker blouse would help you if you’re top-heavy. A sheer cape would take attention away if you have a heavy bottom.


There it is – all that you could possibly do with your sarees for those upcoming wedding functions, we’ve got you covered. However, to really make the most of this season, do not blindly stick to the list. Mix and match as much as you can.