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8 Inspiring Ways To Organize Your Jewellery

8 Inspiring Ways To Organize Your Jewellery

Have you ever bought pretty jewellery that is just too gorgeous to be stored in a box? So beautiful that you just feel like putting it up on display?

Every woman loves her jewellery to bits. However, storage is a very important factor in order to make sure that your baubles survive longer. Moreover, keeping them organized saves you the trouble of hunting for a piece just before heading out. You also end up using each and every one of your jewellery items, if they’re organized in a manner that makes each piece visible and accessible. And guess what, you need not store your jewellery in boxes anymore.

Here are some crazy interesting ideas that will not only change the way you organize your jewels but also give your house a decorative twist:

Hang ‘Em

Trying to detangle a bundle of chains is the last thing you want to do if you are already running late. Use hangers or hooks to hang your necklaces and earrings in an organized manner. This way they won’t get entangled and you can easily sort them. Also consider investing in necklace hangers, if you own too many chains.


Replace the Eggs

…with your studs! And other small earrings. Egg crates are perfect to place your earrings. Small tops and rings can fit neatly into the small sections. Easy to mind, easy to pick out!

WM tip: To make your earring create more interesting, use acrylic paint in interesting colours to give it a little makeover of your own.


Pin Them up

Go ahead, show off…display those lovely neckpieces you own. Use pin up boards to hang your accessories. The process is simple. Pick a nice board of your liking – printed boards or peg boards. Since peg boards have small holes on them, they are great for hanging hooked earrings. For a pin-up board, just add pins and hang your neckpieces around them.

If you do not intend to display your jewellery out in your room, get a little soft board put up inside your wardrobe. That way, your neckpieces will remain safe inside, yet organized.


Frame Them to Perfection

Use those fancy frames and put your jewellery in place of a masterpiece. This one, when executed, looks really artistic and innovative. Decorate the wall with fancy lace or a pin up board. Add an empty frame to it and then hang your baubles inside it. It’s that simple!


Bottle Them up

Bangle boxes and stands are passé. And boring! Shake things up by using fancy bottles to stack your bracelets and bangles instead. Go in for coloured bottles to add character. For a more interesting look, insert fairy lights into the bottles. That way, you will not only get a bracelet holder, but also a decorative lamp.


Branch out

If you are a nature lover or into floral motifs, then use a branch to hang your accessories. Coloured or broken branches will give your home a very enigmatic appeal and the jewellery will add the ‘wow’ factor.

WM tip: When painting branches, go in for frosty shades like mint green or ice blue, and then leave some branches as is. The natural brown adds to these playful colours, to make an interesting combination.


Serve Your Baubles in a Bowl

You can use beautiful bowls or interesting-looking ashtrays to keep your jewellery in them. You can either colour co-ordinate the bowls or buy different kinds of them. Feel free to play around and experiment – venture further into the cutlery section and use pretty cups or forks in a stand to hang your earrings.


Show ‘Em off

Vases and showpieces can also be used to hold up your jewellery. Sounds weird right? But try it out and only then will you realize how cool it actually looks.

WM tip: If you have intricate jewellery or pieces that have enough detailing, opt for plain vases in bright, solid colours, so your baubles stand out.


Stand Them out

Remember those three tiered cake stands, that make the most delicious desserts stand out? Those can also accommodate your fancy accessories. In fact, you can do a combination of things here – hang some earrings on one tier, place coloured dishes on another, for bracelets and studs. And use the third (lowermost tier) to stack up statement neckpieces, placed into plastic or non-woven fabric envelopes, so they remain in mint condition.

Enough inspiration for the day already? But do not restrict yourself from experimenting more. Let your creativity flow. Put your DIY skills to some good use and infuse this jewellery-décor combination to organize your embellishments, and do up the house.