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Fashion Recommendations Built Around Your Closet

A Fashion Genie to Perfect Your Closet & Your Looks

A Fashion Genie to Perfect Your Closet & Your Looks

Something about fashion will never change. And, we are glad this is how it is. It’s refreshing to look out for the ever evolving styles, colours, patterns, cuts, prints and the overall look. Imagine, a world where people would be wearing same clothes and look year after year. That’s a disturbing thought, isn’t it? So, let’s just leave at that.

But, with this good news there is some bad news. The changing fashion leaves us with the quintessential problem – I have nothing to wear! Also, there is no point (unless you are one of the super rich) in maintaining a wardrobe full of clothes that will only work as one-outfit-variety. Here’s another point to imagine – the wastage of good fashion. Basically, what we are all looking for is a way that will show us how to easily mix-n-match, so we can create new outfits quickly and daily.

Here’s some good news, again (it’s without any bad news in the background). Presenting WODROB — a fashion engagement platform that comes with user recommendations, personal stylists and dos on discovery and closet management. What will WODROB do for you?

Manage your daily style

Your closet is packed with clothes, but you still don’t know what to wear. You lose precious time every day looking for the right outfit. This is where WODROB will come into play. Its back-end technology will easily organise your closet and create outfits with your own clothes.

The app builds on your customised inputs such as your personal details, body type, skin colour, styling preferences, closet details, social connections, interests, location, weather, calendar, and engagement to give you predictive and prescriptive recommendations daily on what to wear. Thus, addressing your daily fashion needs

Play up something new, something old

Your wardrobe can essentially be your new mall. This is not being sarcastic. We mean good! WODROB features allow you to mix and match the collection from your closet. And, with the help of our existing catalogue you can exactly visualise what you can wear from your collection. You can also use this tool to get some advice from our community. A pre-check may not be such a bad idea.

Inspire Fashion

We appreciate your fashion skills, and we want to give you a platform where you can express it. WODROB is building a fashion feed by bringing together a community of fashion storytellers and publishers to share the latest trends & inspirations to help people discover options and stay updated. Just share your new fashion story on WODROB, and see the magic unfold as you inspire others to follow your look.

The true one-stop-shop

Our catalogue will help you find that missing piece in your wardrobe. With our partnerships with various well-known brands, be assured that you will find what you are looking for. The app provides a complete experience so that you aren’t stuck looking for things that really don’t go with your style statement. The WODROB app filters products and styles based on personal style and preferences, so that you can buy the right pick almost instantly.

The story of the digital closet

Inspired by the founder’s personal angst of what to wear and the realisation of how the clothes stacked at the back of his wardrobe were always side-lined, he decided to use technology to resolve this issue. Also, the founders started WODROB to emphasise on the fact that fashion and the daily question of ‘what to wear’ is not really gender-biased. Through WODROB, they essentially aim to help people – men and women — minimise their effort, while maximising their style through technology.

Next, of course, the users will have access to their own personal stylist! The online styling canvas can be used to share style requests with your friends or professional stylists. They, in turn, will give you personalised recommendations on what to wear and how to style your look.

Sure, we all want to keep aside few clothes for those special occasions. But, we can certainly wear most of the clothes from our wardrobe on a daily basis, right? For this, we need to follow the basic 80:20 rule, where we can wear 80% of our wardrobe at least 5-6 days in a week. And, if all this is too complicated…you know what to do. Tune into personal stylist on your mobile, and WODROB will take care of the fashion mathematics.