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Bewilder Your Tinder Date!

Bewilder Your Tinder Date!

A perfect match on Tinder is a dream come true, it’s not for everyone but it’s surely worth a shot. A subsequent series of chatting, some texting tennis and you’ve lead yourself into an idyllic date! You just have one chance to impress her with your charismatic personality – although nothing can replace your personality, your wardrobe can surely enhance it. It is before you open your mouth and much before the awkward ‘what to ask’ conversations, how you’re dressed is the first thing your date will bear in mind. WODROB Magazine caught up with few desi gentlemen and together jotted down their list of quintessential looks for different types of Tinder dates.

#1 For A Casual Coffee Date

To decide what to wear for a casual outdoor coffee date during daylight is the toughest since you are stuck between overdressing and sloppy outfits. Make sure to put some efforts while getting ready, even if it is for a coffee date – don’t dress up in any t-shirt and blue denim. Go for distressed or dark coloured denim that fit you well. Leave your baggy jeans at your home, or it’ll be over before it even starts. Strike a silhouette balance with a well-fitted printed shirt or v-neck plain t-shirt if you have some guns to show!

 Don’t go for overkill with big boots, leather jackets or cardigans especially during daytime as a guy rightly quoted us, “Don’t do extra stuff & show off on a casual date, girls know it instantly because they are the masters in showing off”. Keep it simple, casual and understated instead of showing off your outlandish attires.

WM Tip: A leather belt with a pair of matching shoes is a bit nicer than your daily typical sneakers. And if you are wearing a shirt, keep your sleeves rolled up exhibiting a few of your veiny forearms!

#2 She Wants You To Buy Her A Drink

You both have decided to go out in the evening to have some drinks – this is the time when you won’t be guilty if you dress a bit more than just casual. Any date in an urban setting for drinks obliges you to wear jackets. Don’t overdress by arriving as Harvey Specter, all suited-up – blazers or jackets will do just fine. Think subtle printed bombers instead of old workaday blazers, get on some funky jacket.

 Now here’s the catch for jackets, that if she gets a bit chilly, you can always lend her your jacket and inevitably be the Raj to your potential Simran. Underneath, a great pair of light-distressed denim and some nice sneakers or boots will leave her spellbound. Accessorise the look with a watch that resembles your style.

WM Tip: If you are out in the daytime and not in the evening, a varsity jacket or cardigan can be a befitting option.

#3 For A Classic Intimate Dinner

This is the time when you take your dressing style a notch higher. Here a funky blazer won’t sway, instead, wear plain and classic. Make sure you wear a simple fitted monochromatic Oxford shirt underneath. There’s just something about plain, crisp shirts that ladies love, they aren’t too flashy neither too flamboyant – topped off with a navy blue blazer – they look anything but dull!

As far as bottoms are concerned, wear hard washed dark denim (indigo) or smooth coloured chinos, rolled up right at the ankle.

In such a situation, it’s always best to spend some more time while selecting your shoes for the night. Opt for a pair of patent leather or suede brogues that are well kempt. Don’t forget to flash your best chronograph in the evening

WM Tip: If you don’t have a decent blazer you can wear any dark shade sweater vest over a white Oxford shirt showing from underneath.

#4 “Let’s Go to A Club”, She Says

You’re both a bunch of party animals and have plans to go out and feel some great beats at a lounge or club. This is when you need to make sure that getting your outfit right is on priority or she could end up drunk dialling her ex. You can wear shirts with patterns or a simple chambray shirt. Remember do not wear floral patterns, you are not there to compete with her.

While for your bottoms you can experiment with joggers which aren’t just for lazing around.

You can also opt for a slick black t-shirt with charcoal grey chinos and a leather jacket.

Don’t ever try to be the guy wearing flip-flops in a club – pick a pair of high-tops, sneakers or trainers, any of which is not in a scruffy or frayed state.

WM tip: Don’t use too many colours, keep it versatile and not over the top for a smart casual look. today.

#5 You Are On Cloud 9 When She Calls You Over At Her Place

Your luck might be ringing all the bells when she calls you home. Don’t get too over-dressed and go to her place when all she is expecting is to spend some quality time (no pun intended!). That does not permit you to be slouchy either. Your prime importance here should be the comfort, so find some sweatpants that fit you impeccably but make sure they aren’t dated.

A basic grey T-shirt along with white sneakers should help you give off a relaxed vibe. To finish off you can add a grey pullover cardigan to complete the whole outfit.

WM Tip: If you don’t have any jogger or sweatpants you can pick up a pair of slick casual denim. Remember, musky cologne is a must, you don’t wanna loose this chance because of stinking!

Dressing for your Tinder date shouldn’t be hard, the confidence you show with each look that you wear is enough to slip her off her heels!