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Girls, Here’s Our Weekly Top 5 Picks… All Under Rs 2,000

Girls, Here’s Our Weekly Top 5 Picks… All Under Rs 2,000

There’s a universal favourite pastime for fashionistas — looking for the best buys at pocket-friendly prices. Time and again, most of us are always in a happy space because our favourite store announces a sale or we get hold of a shopping site that has the chicest choices for shoe-string budgeters. If you fall into the above-mentioned categories, we are sure you’ve been following our weekly budget. The one in which our Managing Editor Simi Kuriakose scouts out the best fashion stuff all under-Rs 2,000 products for you to shop.

This time, she’s given a miss to an outfit, because don’t you have too many of them already? Instead, work with these accessories to enhance pieces from your existing closet.

Sport this ikat bag that has a tasseled closure with that button-down linen dress in white. Also, those Gucci-esque floral satin mules will perfectly complement a cropped and belted jumpsuit that you can wear to the workplace (Monday outfit sorted, guys). If you’re an accessory lover, Shop Lune is the store to check out; it’s been around and is THE destination for all you stylish folks. There’s this ceramic pendant neck piece from the online store that’ll look great with your casual jeans and strappy top combo that’s layered with a stylish blazer. If you’ve read about that corset belt trend on our site, work this sleek nude belt in one of the many styles we’ve recommended. And don’t forget to add those funky colourful earrings to an outfit that you think is rather boring.

Whatever be your pick, remember one thing — it’s all under Rs 2000.

Prop Shop 24 Sling Bag

PropShop 24 Bag (Rs 1,300)

Shop Lune necklace

Shop Lune Necklace (Rs 1,100)

Forever 21 Floral Embroidered Satin Mules

Forever 21 Floral Embroidered Satin Mules (Rs 1,699)

Aditi Bhatt Earrings

Aditi Bhatt Earrings (Rs 1,020)

Eristona Double Buckle Belt

Eristona Double Buckle Belt (Rs 690)