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Cheers To Those Who Redefined Fashion For A Cause!

Cheers To Those Who Redefined Fashion For A Cause!

Fashion knows no limits, and it certainly has the power to break the existing ones. It revives the old, brings out the new or simply blends the two to create something unique. With Lakme Fashion Week 2016 dedicating a day exclusively for sustainable fashion and Indian textiles, only shows how fashion can actually support a cause and help it bring in the forefront. And, celebrities around the world have been shouldering on the power of fashion to support numerous causes. In an attempt to make a statement, some went bold, while some rebelled on the Red Carpet. Here’s our pick of some outstanding ways of how fashionistas chose to make their stand on a cause loud and clear.

Kicking Off The Heels!

Julia Roberts gave no damn to the paparazzis when she nonchalantly walked the Red Carpet barefoot at Cannes Film Festival 2016. This time, she extend her support against Cannes Heel Policy that barred women from entry on the Red Carpet for wearing flat souls.

It’s not the first time that Julia Roberts has put up such a brave act. In 1999, she walked the Red Carpet for the premier of her film Notting Hill with unshaved armpits as a sign of appreciation towards women’s natural beauty.


Celebrate Talent And Not Make-Up

When you’re talented, it requires to be admired…period! And, one needn’t do this with stylish clothes and makeup. This is exactly what actress Tilda Swinton conveyed when she walked up to receive her Oscar in 2008 without makeup! Well, we must say she looked absolutely flawless. Didn’t’, she?


The White Swan

To support a cause as crucial as fertility, Icelandic singer and songwriter, Bjork wore a White Swan dress to the Academy Awards in 2001. She didn’t stop at this. Bjork took this rebellious act further by putting up a little act of laying eggs on the Red Carpet. Then, she was criticised and ridiculed, but a decade later media was seen appreciating her brave efforts. In fact, with time there were multiple copies of her Swan dress, and today it also has a dedicated Wikipedia page. Now, that’s big…isn’t it?


Indeed, these celebrities took their rebel attitude to a different level. But, in India designers and leaders adopted a more toned-down act to support a social cause. These include-

Supporting Love Over Violence

Last year at the Lakme Fashion Week, Manish Malhotra launched his collection titled ‘The Blue Runway’ in association with WEvolve, a global campaign that brings men and women together to end inequality. The objective of this collaboration was to bring forth the societal norms leading to gender-based violence. His collection celebrated romance and love against violence, by capturing lightness and joy that conveyed a sense of positivity and respite.


Be Indian, Wear Indian

When Union Minister of Textile, Smriti Irani posted her picture wearing Banarasi Silk Saree with #IwearHandloom, she received instant support from celebrities, politicians and cricketers towards protecting our heritage. #IWearHandloom campaign was launched to support weavers of India, who work with diverse fabric of our nation’s heritage. The idea, thus, was to promote the use of Indian Textiles, weaves, and to stop this traditional art from dying out entirely.


So, if it takes fashion to make the world a better and beautiful place, we say don’t hold yourself… look your stylish best and stand-up tall to make a difference.