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Everything You Need To Know About Hangers

Everything You Need To Know About Hangers

   Sharmil Shah

Your closet is the first thing you see in the morning. Waking up to an unruly closet is just going to add to that hectic day you’re going to have. While most of us may think that our hangers are going to make little of a difference to our closets, it is actually quite the opposite.

Apart from the fact that a set of similar hangers will make your closet look aesthetically appealing, hangers also contribute greatly to the wear and tear of the garments hung on them. Choosing the right type of hanger will help extend the life of your clothes and keep them looking new for longer. The right hangers used for the correct garments will prevent the clothes from getting wrinkled, crushed and misshaped.

Not only are hangers made from various types of materials but are also specifically designed for different types of clothing. Take a look at the various types of hangers available so that you can make an informed choice the next time you buy them.

Classic Plastic

Most of us have been using plastic hangers over the years because of their easy availability however, while they may not be the worst choice they tend to deform into various shapes and sizes over the years. They aren’t ideal for heavyweight garments like denims because they tend to bend or snap. This results in pressure points on our clothes and compromises the fabrics of our garments. Make sure that some of your hangers have notches for your strappy tops and dresses too. Acrylic hangers are a variation of plastic hangers and give your closet a slight ‘upscale’ look.

The Woodman

Wooden hangers look neat and make your closet look very uniform. They also are very durable. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes hence, can be used for different pieces of clothing. They are perfect for hefty garments like blazers, coats, knits, suits, etc. For skirts, look for hangers with movable clips while those with clamps and bars to hang trousers. These hangers give the clothes the support they need and are excellent for evening wear. Choose the Cedar hanger – cedar being a natural repellent- when pests, insects and moths are an issue.

Hold On Tight

Non slip hangers function like the name suggests. They prevent your clothes from slipping off. These hangers are ideal for those garments of slippery materials like silk or satin. They can even be used for strappy tops and dresses. These hangers also come in velvet material and are also called Velvet hangers, velvet being a non-slip material. Also, hangers with a locking bar work similarly and prevent slip-offs.

The Mettle Of Metal

While you may be under the misconception that metal hangers are durable, it is actually quite the opposite. They too tend to bend like plastic under pressure. They may make a chic addition to your wardrobe but they are slippery than most other hangers and are not ideal for all garment materials.

For The Delicate


Padded hangers are perfect for delicate garments and are encased in soft materials like silk and satin. The padding on the hanger prevents slip-offs and helps maintain the shape of the garment. These hangers are ideal to pamper your clothes. Flocked hangers are similar to padded hangers, the only difference being that they are closer in shape to the conventional hanger.

Not Just One

These hangers are not easily accessible. These Multiple and tiered hangers come handy where space is an issue in your closet. These hangers are also ideal when you have certain garments paired up with other particular clothes for a particular look. That way the next time you want to wear a particular outfit, it will all be there on that one hanger.

For Those Little Ones

It is not uncommon for parents to use the same adult hangers for their kids too, however that isn’t the right thing to do. Kids’ hangers will help prolong the life of the garments of your children. Kids’ hangers usually feature hooks, bars, loops and slots to hang their clothes and other accessories that may go with the outfit.

Other than those already mentioned, there are various ways to manage your wardrobe effectively with the use of different accessories and hangers. Clip hangers are perfect for skirts and pants; they help keep the garments in place and avoid wrinkles. An ideal way for all you women to hang your stoles and scarves is by looping on shower rings to your hangers and slipping your garments through them. Go on! Organise your wardrobe with our basic hanger tips.