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Own A Tiny Closet? These 4 Hacks Will Help You Organise It

Own A Tiny Closet? These 4 Hacks Will Help You Organise It

Fitting your latest buys into your wardrobe can be a tricky task especially when you are struggling for additional space in a tiny closet. As clichéd as it sounds, cleanliness is next to godliness (yes we said it). You may think that you need that walk-in closet of your dreams for a stunning space. Before you get dreaming, we’ll mention this right away: It’s easy to beautify the tiny closet space you own. Since we’re a digital closet app (and an expert at it), obviously WODROB is used to tackling this problem. And so, we are here to help you with a few easy hacks that’ll help you create maximum space in your existing closet.


Creating more hanging space is better than having shelving space. Yes, you read it right! Your closet will show a major transformation once you have double hanging rods that run either parallel or vertical to each other. Hang as many clothes as possible but don’t forget to use the right hangers for each outfit. We urge you to take a plunge and you’ll notice your closet will have a breathable space.


Apart from the clothes you hang, another alternative is to invest in cheap shelf dividers that help in stacking. They say you often pick only the clothes that you see at an eye level. Having said that, bags can also be neatly stored using this inexpensive trick. It helps your arm candies to stay upright and retain its shape. This hack helps your space turn into little cubicles and also gives you that as-seen-on-Pinterest feel. PS: You can always DIY dividers too (we’ll leave that for another read).


Accessories and clothes that are stacked in boxes usually take up the floor space in our closet. It might seem like a lot of work but once you are done with sticking labels to all the boxes you will know exactly what is kept where. Sticky labels of different colours cut down the time it takes to find what you need. Just imagine how much time you’ll save to get ready in the morning thanks to this hack.


Let’s talk about the most underutilised space: the door. Doors have immense potential to be converted into a storage space. We suggest you attach hooks on the inside of the door to hang anything from accessories, shoes as well as scarfs. This also works great for those sky-high heels that can be hung upside down.