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What The Colours In Your Closet Say About You

What The Colours In Your Closet Say About You

Hey, what’s your favourite colour? Whether it is a fuchsia pink or dramatic black, there’s a lot you can learn about yourself from your wardrobe. Clothing colours transmit a vibe, a set of emotions. They not only delineate a mood, they reflect a person’s choice, taste and personality. Scientifically, colours are a huge driving force which can inspire, energise or calm you. So, are you ready to take a ride of your wardrobe and learn what the colours in it have to say about you? Jump in and learn more…


If in a shop full of colours, white is your treasured pick then we hope your road to new beginnings is an easy one because that’s what white symbolizes, a new dawn. White indicates cleansing and peace and makes you look all positive. Moreover, being the colour of purity, white ensures harmony and balance. Well, a wardrobe full of whites is a simple yet sophisticated wardrobe.

WM Tip: Show some love to lace pants and pair them up with cute crop tops or shirts for a unique and chic look.


If black is your go-to before anything else no matter what the occasion is then you are known to be a versatile person with some easy-going vibes. The colour black is a symbol of strength, power and sophistication. Further, black is known to be an indicator of extremes and considered to be the most flattering colour. It reveals that your wardrobe has drama and edge that helps you to look fabulous all day and every day.

WM Tip: Lately, we are lusting over leather pants that can make look anyone sexy instantly without even trying too hard. Pair basic top and high heels with your black leather pant for a perfect party look.


If the colour red is your go to, the chances are that you want to be the centre of attraction as red grabs the spotlight which helps you to stand out in a crowd. The colour red possesses energy which says that your wardrobe is bold and powerful. It gives you confidence, makes you look passionate and empowers you.

WM Tip: Pair up your reds with blacks because trust us, this combination will never fade away and you’ll be a fashion classic.


Yellow clothing colours connote a supreme mind having good concentration power. Yellow is a very cheerful, happy and optimistic colour. If you fall amongst those who often pick yellow then chances are that you are very cool and distant but not shy. You never hide behind the bushes and are ever ready to experiment. It shows that your wardrobe is unusual, experimental and artistic.

WM Tip: The trouble-free ways to show that you are ‘au fait’ with this colour is by opting for one statement piece and carry it all season. Accessories like a yellow sling bag or killer heels would be perfect to brighten up your outfit.


If you favour blue more than any other colour then it has a high probability that you bring breeze freshness wherever you go. Indicating peace and loyalty, blue clothing shows that you are remembered for the rules you break. Further, the colour blue provides you with an air of mystery along with a great sense of fashion. This proves that your wardrobe is friendly and powerful because nothing inspires confidence as blue does.

WM Tip: Pair your blue’s with white for an effortless elegant contrast.  You can also try to pair up a cobalt blue top with a Lilac coloured skirt, because of its ability to soften the darkness of cobalt blue, only if you are in a mood to experiment a little.


Green colour instantly lightens up our minds with the thought of nature and money. Green colour has a soothing effect and is often associated with magnanimity and resuscitates state of mind. People who prefer green are full of personality and are very compassionate. It symbolises that your wardrobe is balanced and trendy since green is one of the most popular colours of spring and it will always be in vogue.

WM Tip: Trying to discover new ways to bring green into your look? Try topping off an all black ensemble with an olive green jacket for that badass look you always wanted to slay.


If the colour pink is your pick then there are chances that you’re a hopeful person with warmth and comfort to offer. Pink used to be wrongly associated with femininity but this was a complete myth and now, pink signifies unconditional love, serenity and calmness. Pink clothes are the best thing to wear when you want to show your feelings. Pink wardrobe defines perfection and is very endearing.

WM Tip:  Pretty up your look by pairing your pink floral dress with solid accessories. The days when you don’t want to go for an overall pink look, try out a bright pink cardigan over a black dress, we promise it will make you look ultra glam when you head out.