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Dear Men, Go Androgynous On Your Wardrobe This Season

Dear Men, Go Androgynous On Your Wardrobe This Season

Androgyny is not just a trend. It’s a mood, it’s an expression and most importantly, it’s a part of the gender bender movement. While some might say androgyny is an emerging trend in India, we believe it has existed all along. So far, only women in India have incorporated androgyny into their everyday clothing in the form of boyfriend jeans, oversized shirts, t-shirt dresses, chunky watches and the likes. It’s high time that men too, stepped up their game. After all, floor length angarakhas and achkans were always a must-have in the wardrobes of Indian men belonging to royal families. We’ve sorted out some androgynous looks for guys.

In 2003, when the renowned action movie star Vin diesel wore a leather skirt to the VMA’s it was all taken in good humor. But, interestingly, the audience here in India, was taken aback when Ranveer Singh sported a skirt during the promotions of Bajirao Mastani, despite him carrying it off like a boss!

Understandably, one would wonder how to don androgynous looks right, especially if you’re an Indian male. These five things should help:

Tunic to the Rescue

Tunic top – a fancy replacement for your average kurta – is the perfect piece of apparel for one to make an entry into the world of androgynous fashion. Delicate embroidery, lacy fabrics and floral prints – usually considered to be feminine – are the hottest selling items when it comes to androgynous fashion for men.


“Stole” the Show

Today, scarves and stoles are not mere add-ons for a wedding function. They’ve finally made a permanent place into the wardrobes of Indian men, who now wear them over casual outfits as well. Be it a colorful knitted stole over a white linen kurta and your favorite blue jeans, or a dainty champagne-coloured scarf in chiffon, with an all-black formal attire, these flowy pieces of textile are here to stay.


Septum Sempra!

How hot did Ranveer Singh (yes, he seems to be leading the androgynous cult in India) look on the cover of February 2016 L’Officiel? That one image stirred upso many possibilities – it’s about time your accessories closet boasts of something beyond just watches, ties and glares. Nose rings and Septum rings add just the right amount of oomph to festive attire.



Today is all about freedom- to choose your style, to choose your identity. So, get past that crew cut, let loose, and allow your locks to grow wild. Psssst…some girls find it hot!


Swirl and Twirl

Ask any woman and she’ll tell you – there’s a certain sense of freedom that comes with wearing a skirt. Try it once and you’ll know for yourself, dear men. From wrap-arounds to box-pleated, there is a wide range of options to explore.


So, men of India, take note – Whether you like it or not, one of this season’s biggest movements in fashion, is going to not only redefine your wardrobe, but also perhaps your notions of what it means to be a man.