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Decoding A Winning Attire

Decoding A Winning Attire

Arriving at a highly mixed consensus, Donald Trump has been elected as the 45th President of the United States. Taking a look back at his style throughout the campaign that’s been subjected to mockery, we decipher exactly how sometimes a safer approach is better than an experimental one.

The Power Of Conformity


Like traditional blue collar dressing, political attire often amounts to a uniform sense of style – from iron lady Margaret Thatcher to Barack Obama, sticking to a signature look has set the tone for how world leaders dress today, epitomizing a conservative attitude, powerful stature and consistency.

President Obama was once quoted in a Vanity Fair article on how he only resorted to wearing grey or blue suits to pare down the number of decisions he had to make each day. When it comes to powerful role play, worrying about an outfit is irreconcilable with having to worry about a nuclear policy. Setting this precedent was Donald Trump as his sartorial choices consisted of safe navy blue suits, white shirts and bold coloured ties throughout his campaign trails.

While his 80’s style suits were always a size larger and neck ties almost inches longer, it may have had to something with his attempts to look bigger and more powerful.  

Rumour Has It


A study by psychologist Oliver Burkeman suggests that sticking to a routine is a common trait among the genius – fixating on a habitual lifestyle helps your mind focus on more important issues.

When asked at an interview as to why he donned the same grey t-shirt every day, Mark Zuckerberg explained how he prefers to settle for a simple life so his decisions are inclusive of nothing but his company.  

For intellectuals, spending time on a new look everyday seems far too frivolous. Opting for a staple closet instead helps them unleash their cognitive powers.

The Anatomy Of A Cultured Closet


Modern power dressing usually comes down the basics with great attention to detail.

The Essentials Include

  • A well-tailored suit: either single button or two in a navy blue or charcoal.
  • Oxford button downs: crisp cotton or linen shirts in colours of blue, white and a pastel.
  • Brogues or wingtips: patent black or tan.


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While power dressing may have its benefits, wanting to wear something that looks a lot less like corporate armour does not signify lesser intelligence.