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Denim 101: Everything You Need To Know About Your Denims And How To Style Them

Denim 101: Everything You Need To Know About Your Denims And How To Style Them

Denim is one versatile fabric – we have it in skirts, we have denim shirts, we’ve mixed it with lycra and voila, jeggings were born. Thanks to ultra thin denim, we even have denim sarees.And men don’t need to wait until winters to sport denim jackets, they can enjoy wearing the fabric in the form of a light summer shirt.

This one is for all you denim lovers who live, eat, and breathe in their denims. We know how much you value those amazing pieces of clothing and how incomplete your lives would have been without them. So here’s a guide to help you look even more stylish in your denims, by wearing them right:

Jeanology: Choosing the Right Jeans for You

Not all fits work well on everyone, so it is imperative to choose your jeans based on what looks best on you:

1.Flared jeans: Flared denims are like a blast from the past. They have returned and are now being sported by celebrities. So don’t be shy, bring them out and pair them with your crisp white shirt. Women on the heavier side should pair them with heels and avoid flat footwear. That will give them a slimmer and longer silhouette.

Men, you’d ordinarily be advised to avoid these, but if you’re tall and have big, curly hair, pair these up with an interesting shirt, Lennon glasses, and bring back that seventies’ swing. Be careful about where you wear this look though, as it is borderline risqué.


2. Distressed jeans/Boyfriend Jeans: Boyfriend jeans are perfect for both, guys and girls. The white shirt and blue jeans combination looks best in these. Girls can roll them up a bit to show off their dainty ankles, and finish with a pair of stiletto pumps. Alternately, pair them up with a graphic tee and basic converse shoes – a look that goes well on both genders.

Man or woman, if you’re heavy on the hips, avoid wearing a pair that is too loose – go in for fitted jeans instead.


3. The cropped denims: These ankle length beauties fit to perfection. They look good with any kind of top, be it tunics, crop tops or basic shirts. Fold them from the hem to create a more chic look.

Men, too, can sport cropped denims with ankle boots and graphic tees. If you’re heavy on the thighs, avoid wearing these altogether and go in for classic silhouettes and fits.


4. High waist denims: You have got to stock one of these in your wardrobe. They look classy, and add a edge to your attire. Curvy women should definitely sport these. They give your waist a fabulous makeover and look really wonderful.


5. Jeggings: Men, if you’re too slim or heavy, avoid these altogether. Otherwise, invest in a size or two bigger than yours, get them altered to incorporate drawstrings, so you can actually wear them more as a denim-lycra pyjama. Win!

Women can really go all out on jeggings, but you better be curvy. For the really thin girls, show off you slender frame and subtle curves by pairing this up with a crop top. If you’re pear shaped, opt for interesting tunics with interesting empire lines and necklines. Come winters, layer up with leather jackets and ankle length boots to look really badass.

Dressed in Denims

1. For Her

Overalls, be it denim dresses or dungarees, are ever so playful, comfortable, and stylish at the same time. They have a youthful essence to them and steal the show at daytime outings.  They can be worn in any type of season and are perfect for your day date with your besties. Overalls look good on every kind of body type, since they’re available in a number of silhouettes. Women on the heavier side, stick to lighter denims and straighter, leaner silhouettes, when wearing denim dresses. If you’re lean, wear your dungarees with a crop top and sneakers. Style your denim dress with a classy leather or sequin jacket and it becomes perfect for a party. You can also pair it with an open buttoned, loose, white shirt, for a casual look. To make the look more sophisticated, add a contrasting blazer to it.


2. For Him

While dungarees is a predictable way to wear a complete denim look, you could also experiment with lighter denim kurtas or shirts on jeans or even jeggings.

The Denim Bottom

Men aren’t left with jeans and jeggings as the only options, as earlier mentioned in this article, you can now wear denim pyjamas, or even get custom-made trousers in very thin denim fabric.

Women, on the other hand, can go a step further and have fun with denim skirts. High-waisted skirts look top-notch when styled right. If you have a heavier bottom, go in for A-line skirts. Pair them with printed, loose tops, if your skirt is well-fitted. Add shoes or heels according to your taste.


Denim on Denim

   Double up the denim magic and go for denim on denims. Doing double denim can get tricky sometimes, but, keep a few things in mind, and you’re good:

  • Always pair a lighter top with darker denim and vice versa.
  • Be very choosy about the wash or the pattern on the denim. A stone wash or a faded denim jeans will look good with a plain denim top.
  • Fit matters the most in this look.


Denim Care

Originally, denims were made for rough use, and hence, were thick. They would not be washed too often either.

Today, heavier denims have become quite inconvenient in warmer parts of the world, as one gets sweaty in them quickly, but washing them would be a pain and drying would take very long. So, stick to thinner denims in such places. However, since these tend to get soiled easily, they need to be washed often.

The Alicia Keys ad campaign for Levis features various shades of denim and how denims help you enhance your personality. They let you be comfortable in what you are wearing. So be choosy but experiment more.