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3 Denim Hacks That Every Fashion Girl Must Memorise

3 Denim Hacks That Every Fashion Girl Must Memorise

The one staple that will never be out of style is a pair of denims. When you’re looking to go a little casual, wear a pair of ripped denims with a striped tee and sneakers. Off for a night-out with the squad or to your first date? All you’ve got to do is work a pair with a girly top. All in all, a pair of denims (in every style) is a must-have in your closet. Which is why, we have scouted the Internet, to give you 3 easy and fun hacks that will help elevate your denim look in a jiffy. You can thank us later!

1. Don’t Throw… Recycle

Oh that word that helps you join the ‘fashionably eco-friendly’ gang! Well, we’re all up for it. You are already aware that denim, as a fabric, has great longevity. Found a pair of old denims in your closet that you really love and don’t have the heart to chuck? Bleach that pair so it looks as fresh as new. You can either spray bleach parts of the pair to stylise it, or send it for machine bleach to turn it a shade or two lighter (or darker).

2. Cuff Your Jeans

The one way to be street style-ready in your regular denims is to cuff your jeans in different ways. If you’re wearing a pair of skinny jeans, crisply cuff it an inch the other way round. A pair of boyfriend jeans can be cuffed an inch or two up; make the folds relaxed and thin. Wearing a pair of mom jeans? Flip the hem higher up just so you get a more easy look.

3. Don’t Wash… Deodorise instead

You must know this as a denim lover, washing your denims time and again can reduce the life of this fabric. Worn a pair just once and want to wear it the next time without washing? Seal it up in a plastic bag and toss it overnight in the freezer. Not only does it kill the bacteria, it also deodorises the pair.