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Desi Yet Trendy? Join the Mule Revolution Now!

Desi Yet Trendy? Join the Mule Revolution Now!

Mules are taking the fashion world by storm, and for a good reason too! They’re not only super fashionable, but also comfortable and add a dash of instant statement to your look. They’re backless and easy to slip on but what one must know is that they don’t go with just anything; you’ll have to give it some thought and make sure you’re wearing them right and we at WODROB are decoding this for you.

1. Ankle Pants & Long Kurtis

There’s something very effortless about straight cropped pants and long kurtis (for all you short girls, it’s a must have because it’ll make you look taller). Since your pants end above your ankles, the mules get to be the star of the look. If you’re wearing  solid color pants, or an outfit which is quite simple, choose mules in a contrasting color or with patterns and embellishments. Also, if  you’re opting for a more festive outfit then pick the mules in muted tones.

WM Tip: For all you girls who pair your kurtis with denims, mules will really elevate your look and keep your style game on point.

2. Salwar Kameez

You can pair your salwars with chunky mules and they’d add just the right amount of style to your ethnicity. Opt for peep toe mules to balance the fall of the salwar,  also they’ll make your feet look slimmer.

Mules in neutral tones will be a great pick since they’ll go with your indian and well as western pieces. So invest in a great pair and style them endlessly.

WM Tip: For those who are big on palazzos and culottes opt for closed mules or pointed mules as they will peek out just enough to not go unnoticed.

3. Festive Wear

Sari, being the top pick for a festivity can also be paired with the mules. Try draping your sari in dhoti style and see the wonder a pair of metallic or embellished mules can make! If you are wearing an anarkali or a gown with a lot of flare, go for peep toe mules and give your feet a Cinderella moment.

WM Tip: If you are going with a metallic option, make sure the colour doesn’t overpower your outfit because that’s a complete no-no. You want your shoes to enhance your outfit, not take attention away from it.