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3 Easy But Fun Ways To Style Your Scarf This Summer

3 Easy But Fun Ways To Style Your Scarf This Summer

We’re sure the summer’s taken a toll on your style. Gah, the heat! But there’s nothing a little fashion tip can’t fix. In case you’re bored of that little dress and are looking for ways to revamp your wardrobe without spending extra bucks, we’ve got just the right trick up our sleeves. All you need is a summer scarf (your lightweight stole to be precise) to amp up your look with your existing garments. Yes! Your funky-printed scarf that boasts a number of motifs and of different hues can be the perfect accessory to upgrade your ensemble. How, you ask? Well, we’ve got 3 easy, fun and stylish ways to do so. Read on!

Wear It Around Your Neck

In case you’re thinking this looks a little rowdy-esque, we’ll give a little info that Kendall Jenner worked the ‘scarf round the neck’ look and shot up the rad-o-meter (she worked the piece like a pro). The neckerchief was quite the accessory last season, and you can totally take a cue from street style stars to know how to sport your square scarf round your neck. Just like fashion stylist and blogger Tina Leung (left in picture), give a tomboyish vibe to your ensemble. Work an uber-feminine maxi dress or a pair of denims and a striped shirt with a neck scarf. You can also wear a contrast hued scarf with a solid-coloured, plunging neck jumpsuit. The trick here is to carry it off in style.

Pic Credit: Huffington Post; Twitter

Use It As A Bag Accessory

Scarf as a bag accessory is something you must have seen in your local flea shops. But do you really need to buy a similar style if you can DIY? Well, we think not! Here’s a next-level idea for your colourful scarf; just wrap it on the handle of your favourite shoulder bag. You can even decorate the flap of your saddlebag using a printed scarf and tie it as a bow. If you’re not one who is too good with intricate deets like these, just knot your scarf on the strap of your shoulder carryall; it’ll seem like an elaborate addition.

Pic Credit: Sweatshirt And Dresses, Pinterest

Cinch It At Your Waist

If you haven’t tried this with your scarf, we suggest you do ASAP. Fold your long scarf into half and wear it around your waist over your shirtdress for an uber-cool look. This gives away the illusion of an obi belt, and we can’t stress on how it amps up your ensemble. Want to try something simple? Just work it as a belt with your denims and a tucked shirt. Easy enough, isn’t it?

Pic Credit: Style With D, Style du Monde