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2 Simple Hacks That All You Girls Need To Try This Monsoon

2 Simple Hacks That All You Girls Need To Try This Monsoon

Monsoon has got to be one of the most pleasant seasons we experience. From watching the raindrops trickle down the window to enjoying a hot cuppa curled up in bed, gosh if we could only stay indoors at this time of the year. But talk about commitments and life in general, sigh… that’s when the real hassle begins. Don’t you wish you could keep every inch of your body dry and avoid getting drenched when you’re off for work or heading out for that luncheon with friends? However, accidentally walking in a muddy puddle and unavoidable odour from clothes and shoes has now become a part and parcel of the season. We get you girl, which is why we’ve scouted for a few life-saving hacks to ease your days. You can thank us later!

Deodorise Your Shoes

Most of us wear trainers and closed-toe sandals in the hope of protecting our feet from the muck. But by the end of the day, the stink from those shoes is highly unbearable. While we suggest you wear monsoon-friendly shoes, worry not if you can’t do the same. It is possible to remove odour from these shoes, and what’s best is the hack just takes overnight to work. Here’s what you need to do.
1. After using your shoes, sprinkle a little bit of baking soda into the insides of each of it.
2. Leave the baking soda overnight.
3. Take it off from the shoes in the morning before wearing it.
This hack helps deodorise your shoes in just a few hours.

Remove Mud Stains From Clothes

Another major issue for people who love to go on long walks during the monsoons is mud stains that appear on the back of jeans and leggings. We have just the right solution and the key is to NOT wash the whole garment. This is what you need to do:
1. Instead of applying water on the stain immediately, allow the stain to dry. Using water when the mud stain is wet will only make the stain deeper.
2. Brush off the mud once it dries off.
3. Dip a toothbrush in a solution of detergent powder and water and scrub it gently on the stain. Let the area dry once you are done.
This will remove the mud stains from your clothes in a jiffy.