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All The Key Pointers For Men To Get Minimal Dressing Right

All The Key Pointers For Men To Get Minimal Dressing Right

   Usaamah Siddique & Tejeshwar Sandhoo (Instagram)

There is an irresistible elegance and timelessness in minimalism, which is why we can’t shrug off the idea of minimal clothing despite all the OTT trends that come and go. A focus on precise cuts, clean tailoring, less clutter, and silhouette are a few of the many reasons one can believe that sartorially, less is more. Along with minimal clothes, a minimal wardrobe also deserves more contemplation. Excess in clothing can be fun from time to time. But the versatility of minimalism cannot be denied; ask Kanye, will you? When it comes to both genders, we love the concept of minimalism. But this time, we’re doling out six tips to nail minimal dressing for men.

Declutter RN

Organise your wardrobe in a way that at any given moment, you’re able to pick what you want without having to search for it. Now that you have a decluttered wardrobe, focus on a decluttered look. Make sure that your hair is neat, shoes spotless, and shirt well ironed. Avoid mismatched accessories.

Declutter Your Look To Nail Minimal Dressing For Men
Pics: Justin Livingston/Instagram; Usaamah Siddique/Instagram; Kanye/Pinterest

Less Is More

First things first — if you don’t want to look OTT, get rid of the excess. Reduce your ensemble down to its fundamentals, only consisting of major pieces that steal the spotlight. You will look just as good in a simple blue jeans and white shirt if you choose the right pieces with a good fit and finish, and wear the same with confidence.

Invest In the Right Pieces To Nail Minimal Dressing For Men
Pics: Pinterest; N.Hoolywood; Tejeshwar Sandhoo/Instagram

Focus On Silhouette

Since there is nothing gaudy stealing the onlooker’s attention, the focus shifts to the wearer’s body and the silhouette that the chosen pieces create. When you’re wearing minimal clothes, ill-fitting pieces stick out like a sore thumb, so it’s best to avoid these. Clothes with a good fit, on the other hand, bring attention to your physique and complement it.

Focus On Silhouette To Nail Minimal Dressing For Men
Pics: Wooyoungmi Fall 2016; Pinterest; Carven Spring 2015

Attention To Detail

It’s the small details that make a big difference when you’re sporting anything minimal. Since both the colour and silhouette is clean, the attention is on the details. Avoid clothes with bad stitching and messy seams. Also, go for accessories with intricate detailing.

Attention To Detail To Nail Minimal Dressing For Men
Pics: AMI Fall 2016; Jo MinHo; Pinterest

Don’t Shy Away From Colours

While monochrome may fall under minimalism in certain circumstances, there is more to minimal dressing than solids, or black and white. In fact, thinking of the two to be synonymous can be extremely limiting. Do not shy away from colours. Instead, make sure that it isn’t in-your-face and blinding. Avoid wearing too many colours at once, and ensure a harmony and balance amongst the colours in your outfit. Go for pieces in hues that complement each other well, so the outfit, as a whole, looks seamless, not mismatched.

Don't Shy Away From Colours To Nail Minimal Dressing For Men
Pics: Ami Fall 2016; Ami Spring 2016; Ami Fall 2017

Check The Occasion

Don’t get tricked into believing that you might look under-dressed for some occasions just because you’re wearing ‘plain’ clothes. The key to looking dressier is to elevate the details of your outfit. Wear a blazer with clean details if you’re going to a party. You can also go for well-crafted shoes if you’re heading out during the day. The meticulous details of your outfit i.e., watch, wallet, or shoes, will make the look dressier.

Check The Occasion To Nail Minimal Dressing For Men
Pics: Pinterest