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2 Must-Know Hacks To Save You From Fashion Emergencies

2 Must-Know Hacks To Save You From Fashion Emergencies

No matter how fashion-forward you are, you may have encountered fashion emergencies at some point or the other. A broken heel, wrinkled clothes, grease stains on outfits, the range of fashion fiascos that you can be an integral part of are many. And if not you, think of that friend whose Sartorial SOS calls you might have to attend as and when. While we have a list made that needs to be tackled in time, today we’re covering 2 major fashion-related worries we do have a quick hack or two for. Read on, and make notes… you never know when you’d need them.

1. Mend A Pair of Buttonless Pants

Have you ever encountered an embarrassing moment when the buttons of your pants suddenly snapped? Or maybe you didn’t notice it break after a spin in the dryer. Well, whatever the situation is, there’s a solution to it. Just use a binder clip, the one that you’ll easily find amidst your office stationery, to easily replace your button in such an emergency situation. Worried about it showing? All you’ve got to do is loosen up your tucked-in tee or shirt and it’ll cover up perfectly.

2. Hide Those Peeking Bra Straps

You know those days when you want to sport a racer back top or a cut-out dress? But the bra best suited for the occasion is probably in the laundry. How do you confront the situation? Here’s an easy hack. After wearing your bra, pull the back straps close to each other and find a common spot. Use a safety pin to clip this area and hold it together. You see, it’s that simple to convert your regular bra into a racer back. If you can’t find a safety pin, you can even use duct tape on that area to bind the straps as one.


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