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Entrapped Between Chain & Strap?

Entrapped Between Chain & Strap?

For the desi lad, the question of the millennium would never be why did Kattapa kill Baahubali? Instead it’ll be; “What to pick: strap or chain? Watches today are not just a mere style statement but synonymous to a guys’ stature. They are a timeless emblem of masculinity. So it is important to be clear in your head, which one to prefer for your next buy. WM spoke to Indian men about their choice of watch and demystified the myths that come along with them.


MYTH 1 ~ “They are crass!”

Okay, it may sound as absurd as KRK’s twitter feeds, but it is something that 5 out of 8 guys think — for a lot of them, chain watches equals silver. What people don’t know is that the chains are not just limited to stainless steel metal. Chains also come in a myriad of metals like titanium, ceramic and rose gold. For someone who has a dark complexion, to wear a chain of contrast tones like ceramic hues of blue, brown and such would just uplift his whole demeanour. And who can debunk how slaying matte chains look? Plus chain watches don’t wear out like a usual leather belt. So which one’s crass now?

MYTH 2 ~ “Man, they hang”

If you don’t want your chain watch to swing like a chandelier then just keep it tight. What most guys do while buying a watch is that they usually ignore the chain size, which is almost always twice bigger than their wrists. Not all chains all hang unless you want them to. You can also cut a few chains and keep it tightened, but don’t tighten it too much to make it look like your wrists wearing a choker.

MYTH 3 ~ “Chains are just for fun”

For the longest time, people have been under the misconception that chains are just for fun. Chain straps aren’t just for going to college or a casual outing, you can wear chains and on formal occasions too. Not a lot of men know that not-so-chunky chains if carried with a suave appeal can make you look slaying. Especially black ceramic chains look cray with any kind of formals. Though straps are professional priorities, but what’s wrong to try something new. Why not break the monotony and mould the norms.


MYTH 4 ~ “When in formals, go strap”

We get it, straps are a professional priority, but who said straps are only for formals? You can wear strap even when you are going out for outings in shorts or in a club wearing jackets. Get a funky belt for your chronometer and there it’ll be complementing your casual look. Don’t you think leather belts would be less of a struggle while dancing in the pub, instead of the metal bracelet that might weigh down your moves? If you’re still not convinced then have you heard of straps that resemble chains, a fusion? Next time when you go to pub, try it and walk by saying in a deep Jon Snow voice, “My watch is blended”.

MYTH 5 ~ “Straps = Leather”

Leather straps are as common as ginger in tea, but there are more varieties to straps than just leather. So sticking to just leather belts is like already getting married to your first crush. Look around, there’s more! Though rubber or silicon straps are often considered tacky, but it’s stupid to think so. There are so many textured belts as well to lure you and people around you. They have more elegance than chains do.

MYTH 6 ~ “Straps are for mature gentlemen”

Okay, who spreads this kind of cock and bull story? Maybe the same people who spread NASA’s panoramic view of India every Diwali. So 6 out of 8 guys think that straps are meant for someone in his 30’s and having a settled career. But what they don’t know is that there are so many funky straps that can make even a 30-year-old look dude look ten years younger. So if you are a guy in your 20’s and like straps, but cannot wear it due to societal pressure, this is the time you come out of your closet! Confess your love for straps and look dandy. Experiment with textured or coloured belts.

So is that settled? Even though straps and chains do have an impact, remember that an unimpressive dial will undo all your efforts. It is like having everything in place but cars in a Rohit Shetty movie.  Without up to par dials, even the most expensive watch will fizzle. So while we have cleared your myths regarding the belt, you need to choose the dials appropriately. So, the next time someone compliments you for your choice of the chronograph, do tell them about us.