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10 Ethnic Neckpieces To Elevate Your Outfit This Festive Season

10 Ethnic Neckpieces To Elevate Your Outfit This Festive Season

No matter how well put together an ensemble appears, jewellery almost always enhances or breaks a look. Therefore, it’s a must to complement an outfit with the perfect baubles. Especially Indian outfits, it’s nothing but incomplete without the bling of accessory.
Being adorned in pure gold jewellery is so passé. In fact, everyone’s about the boho vibe now, and oxidised silver jewellery has taken up the Indian ethnic fashion scene by storm. You’ll find tons of celebrities and fashion bloggers across the country wearing this antique looking piece. But that’s not all. Just like the Banjaran silver neckpieces, even layered antique gold necklaces are quite in trend right now.

If your outfit is simple and classy, you must go for a choker necklace or any statement neckpiece to amp up your festive look. But if your look is embroidered and printed, then it would be a wise decision to opt for daintier pieces that can balance out the look. You can also layer different jewellery together for a royal look. Another tip we have for you is, to stick to the same colour schemes from your outfit, in case you find pairing jewellery a task. With the festive season upon us, we have every reason to go on a jewellery hunting spree. To ease out your work, we’ve curated 10 stunning necklaces to pair with your outfits this ethnic season. Happy shopping, ladies!

Anicha Antique gold white agate 3 layer chain


TIPSYFLY Silver Alloy Necklace


The Hype Rose Gold Rhinestone Choker

The Hype

Ritika Sachdeva crescent cutwork layered necklace

Ritika Sachdeva

The Blush Box GS Ethnic Silver Necklace

The Blush Box




Artsie Ville

Tribe By Amrapali Silver Plated Coin Labradorite Necklace

Tribe By Amrapali 

Anouk Antique Gold-Toned Matinee Necklace


SANGEETA BOOCHRA Classic Glass Silver Necklace Silver Dialogues

Sangeeta Boochra