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4 Easy Hacks For Every Curvy Woman Out There

4 Easy Hacks For Every Curvy Woman Out There

Fashion is personal, and it doesn’t confine to a particular body type. To put that in an unclichéd manner, we’ll reiterate that size is just a number. What is important is to be aware of your body and adopt what works best for you. It’s okay to experiment and figure what you are comfortable in. That said, there are a few tried and tested style tricks that are specific to body types. Especially when it comes to curvy ladies, the choices are endless. Taking inspiration from celebrities and bloggers, we jotted down three easy tips that will work for women who’re looking to accentuate their curves. So all you girls who love your curves, here are some must-try ideas.

Tuck In That Oversized Shirt

Most of us learn along the way that oversized clothing helps hide weight that’s concentrated in the midsection of the body. But it’s almost the reverse when it comes to curvy ladies. We suggest you tuck in your white button down shirt or an oversized tee into your trousers. Focus on your waist as it’s your biggest asset to flaunt. This simple trick will also create an illusion of long legs. Reach for that belt to cinch your waist and see your body transform. These fashion hacks work best when tried with jeans or even a skirt.

Pic Credit: Pintrerest

Slay With A Romper Or A Jumpsuit

Go all out when you are buying new outfits because who even says that curvy collections can’t be fun? Rompers and jumpsuits work just right so as to accentuate your curves and give you a slimmer fit. Add a pair of stilettos for height when you’re working an everyday look. This is also a perfect shoe choice for a jumpsuit.

Pic Credit: Pintrerest

Sport A Slit Dress

No news this that high slits are the hottest trend these days. In fact, you don’t really have to work a thigh-high slit. Just a knee-high slit on a maxi dress can instantly elevate the look. If you have heavy thighs, slits will work best for you. Especially for curvaceous women, the best way to flaunt the lower bottom area is by sporting a dress with a slit. It helps hide your heavy thighs and also gives away an appearance of longer legs. Also, obviously slit dresses are sexy without looking too risqué.

Pic Credit: Pintrerest

Flash That Collar Bone

Highlighting your best body part will always give you the confidence to step out in style. For curvy women flashing their collar bone is the best styling trick for their upper body. With off shoulders and one shoulder being in trend, we feel such styles would look perfect on a curvy body and work well from a day to night look.

Pic Credit: Vogue, Pintrerest