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Fashion Trends You Got To Break Up With

Fashion Trends You Got To Break Up With

While fashion is empowering, fun and glamorous, is it always healthy and comfortable? Fashion has evolved over the years, most certainly but, are all trends worth the fashion points? We still are a long way off when it comes to fashion being completely safe. Here are a few concerns we’d like to raise.

Skinny Jeans

Our mothers always wondered out loud how we could possibly breathe in skinny jeans. It’s time to for those skinnies to be trashed or donated before you can’t feel your legs. Wearing these skin tight jeans is like stepping on a hose pipe in the garden. It reduces the circulation of blood and oxygen to our limbs leading to what is known as the tingling thigh syndrome or Meralgia Paresthetica. Less oxygen means more toxins like carbon-dioxide which causes the appearance of varicose veins. While on the bright side the waist band may help create a cage restricting the abdomen from expanding after a hearty meal so nobody can see your food baby unfortunately, your stomach needs its own space to carry out its daily functions. Our suggestion is that you wear them for short outings as they even cause harm to your lower back. Wide-legged pants and boyfriend jeans that are trending today have literally been like a breath of fresh air for our legs and bellies.

The worst that can happen: Heartburn and reflux – the pressure on the abdomen can cause some flow of stomach acid into the oesophagus.

Stilettos and Flip Flops

Going too high or too low, both footwear extremes can prove to be harmful. They do have one thing in common though that makes them bad for us – they seriously lack padding! Our feet need cushioning to reduce the impact of hard flooring. When it comes to high heels, the pressure is primarily on the ankles and you’ve got to balance all your body weight on the ball of your feet. Walking around and dancing in those can cause severe damage. It has also been medically proven that anything above three inches is bad for our backs too. Foot fractures, ligament tears and dislocated ankle tendons can be the outcomes of these fashion faux pas. As for flip-flops, the problems are fewer but persist none the less.

The worst that can happen: Spinal and knee problems. Stiletto heels weaken the muscles of the lower back while flip flops put more pressure on the knee, thus wearing it out.

Tight Buns

This includes the man bun and the top bun. Look, we’re not trying to shoot down all the good trends, believe us! For the women, when we pull our hair back we do tie it up rather tightly. If the bun has to remain neatly balanced on the top of our head all day, there’s no other option, we get it. No one likes a sloppy top bun. Men totally dig the bun look too, but this can cause stress on the scalp and result in hair breakage and fraying. Also, if you rely on the sun to dry your hair out but tie it while it is wet well, it just gets worse then.  Hair is weaker when wet resulting in more breakage. This could broaden your forehead, making you bald before you’re ready for it. Just loosen that hair tie a little and no harm done!

The worst that can happen:  Traction alopecia – when hair gets pulled from its roots it can lead to damage of hair follicles which means that hair cannot ever grow back in that area again. Your scalp is barren!

Shoes Without Socks

How bad can this be you ask? It’s not just shoe-bites and blisters. It is dampness because our feet sweat! Socks do the task of soaking up the sweat and keeping your shoes clean. When we toss aside this cloth barrier our sweat gets absorbed by the cushioning in our shoes instead. This causes the formation of molds which can lead to an athlete’s foot (nope not a compliment, that’s a skin condition) and also callus.
The worst that can happen:  Fungal infection! Enough said.

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