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Festive Wardrobe Cleaning: Tips And Tricks To Reorganize Your Closet

Festive Wardrobe Cleaning: Tips And Tricks To Reorganize Your Closet

It’s that time of the year again! Time to shop new festive outfits, but also the time when we start to wonder where we’d squeeze in all the new clothes, because old clothes are already taking up all the closet space. Sounds familiar?

Festive time also brings with it closet-reorganizing time. And although that’s never something we look forward to, here are a few tips and tricks to help make this painful process a lot easier and smoother!

Up in the Suitcase

A really smart tip is to store all your seasonal and festive clothes in a suitcase, and then place that suitcase above your wardrobe or below your bed – essentially anywhere it doesn’t consume space because that’s the point. By storing these clothes away, you’re not only unlocking a lot of closet space, but also knowing that your winter clothes and Navratri dresses are just a suitcase away!

WM tip: Pick up some really interesting vintage suitcases at thrift or garage sales, that can even double up as furniture pieces.


Turn it Around

This tip is everywhere, and yet, we don’t always follow it. We keep telling ourselves that the old flared pants that we haven’t worn in years will be worn someday soon and there’s no reason to throw them out, but truth is, you’re probably never going to wear those pants again.

So do yourself a favor and take this blunt test: arrange all hangers in your closet in a particular direction and then place your clothes on them. Every time you wear an outfit from a particular hanger and then put the clothe back, turn the hanger around so it faces a different direction. Go back to your wardrobe in six months. See the hangers still facing the original direction? Those are the clothes you need to ditch.

WM tip: Use coloured hangers to organize your wardrobe – your favourite colour could be assigned to clothes that you look best in.


Making Smart Space

It’s all about making more space. You can place hooks on the door of your wardrobe and that can hold all your scarves and belts. A pair of shoes can be placed facing each other in the alternate way to take up minimal space. Instead of putting a single skirt or top on the hanger, make an outfit out of the two and put them together!


Hang or Fold?

Some items, if not stored properly, end up taking more space than they’re meant to. Make sure you’re hanging your pants, skirts, shirts, suits, blazers and jackets and folding your denims, tops and T-shirts. Try and co-ordinate your wardrobe either by color or type of items. So your dresses would go on one shelf, your denims on the other, and your T-shirts and shirts on another. This not only helps in visibility, but also makes your closet look a lot more appealing!


In and Out (and Donate)

This one’s very easy. For every new item that you buy, take one out. This will keep you aware of everything that’s in your closet and also prevent a clutter. The ones that you take out can be donated at the end of every month to any NGO of your liking. There you go – you’re not only saving space but also helping the destitute.


Label it All!

If you’re the type to forget what goes where and if you don’t remember where exactly you kept your dresses, fret not, because we’ve got you sorted!

Simply take colored stick-on notes, paste them on top of every closet shelf and label them with the name of item that the shelf houses. This not only makes it a lot easier to find your clothes in a jiffy, but you also know which item to dump where.


Now that you’re clued in on the ‘how’, the actual cleaning and reorganizing should not take very long!