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For The Love of Sneakers

For The Love of Sneakers

We all love our sneakers, and why shouldn’t we? They’re easy, comfortable and completely fuss-free. Plus they’re back in trend like never before and who doesn’t love being caught in something that’s in right now? The only problem with sneakers is that we love them too much and wish we could pair them with everything, but we can’t. Or can we? What if we showed you how to wear your sneakers in and out of the gym and still look effortlessly stylish and chic? What if we told you your sneakers can be paired with your lunch outfit or the trousers that you reserve for work? Don’t believe us? Keep reading!

Lunch with the girls

It’s far easier to pair your sneakers with casuals that it would seem. Team WM gives you three outfit ideas for the occasion — each as gorgeous as the other. For the first look, pair your favourite shift dress or knee-length midi dress with running shoes. You could also layer with a leather jacket. Adding a beanie would look great too.


For the second look, a skater skirt with a high-neck top and jacket would look great with sneakers of your choice.

For the third and final look, pair your jeans with sneakers. Ripped denims with a black or white t-shirt looks great, and they also contrast well with black blazers. If you do go for the third look though, make sure your jeans end right above the anklebone. Your sneakers have to be showed off, and for that, you need to make a statement out of them. So make sure your denims are the right length and you’re good to go!

WM Tip: For the first and second look, make sure you’re not wearing anything heavily printed or patterned as they tend to look too busy against the sneakers and are never a good idea. A good idea, on the other hand, is to keep your colour choices basic when it comes to your choice in dresses or skirt and turtleneck. Blacks, whites, and greys are most preferred to get the best out of these looks.

2.Work Comes First

We know you think it’s impossible, but we’re about to offer you some cool ways to wear your sneakers to work. The trick here is simple. If your outfit is loud, make sure your sneaker is basic – either black or white. If your outfit is monochromatic or in a single colour, pick an interesting sneaker to grab attention. This can be with prints or with colours — that’s completely your choice.

Sneakers look great with skinny trousers and blazers, and black is a colour that you can’t go wrong with. For an alternate look, you can also pair knee-length pencil skirts with running shoes for a fun work outfit.



WM Tip: Wearing socks that are visible with sneakers for any of these looks is a complete no-no. But if you still need socks to feel comfortable, indulge in a pair of low-cut socks in either white, black or nude that won’t be seen under your sneakers.

Fitness Freak

And finally, we get to the gym! When choosing sneakers for the gym, make sure you get yourself the right pair and understand that different workout activities require different types of shoes. A running shoe will be different from the kind of shoe you need for weight-training.

For the gym, you can go all out with your love for sneakers. You can wear a neon-coloured sports bra, throw on a tank top over that and pair it with tights, and then coordinate your sneakers with the colour of the sports bra. Sounds fun, right?

You could also choose a subtle sneaker and choose a pair of printed tights instead.

WM Tip: Comfort is key when comes to choosing the right sneaker for gym, so try to strike a balance between trendy and comfy. Don’t make the mistake of wearing flat heeled sneakers for a run!