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Frolic Frames For Your Face

Frolic Frames For Your Face

For those of us who aren’t blessed with 20/20 vision, we get to rock some serious statement lenses, a.k.a glasses! They’re not just accessories but a strong style statement that form a concrete part of your personality.

Spectacles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials, so how do you know which one will do you the best? We all know that glasses should enhance your face, so here’s a guide on how to find the right glasses for your face shape.

First, look in the mirror and with your lipstick or eyeliner, draw a rough outline of your face on the mirror. (don’t forget to clean your mirror once you’re done!) Now step away and study the shape you just drew. So what’s your face shape? Is it a rectangle, oval, diamond, oblong, square, round or heart?


Once you’ve figured that out, then comes the fun part — finding the right frames for your face shape.


Let’s say you have full cheeks with a soft chin-line and forehead, proportional in width and length, my dear, you are the adorable circle!

To help add definition to your face, look for glasses with strong angular shapes and rectangular frames. Try to avoid circular glasses (à la Harry Potter), your frames must have strong details and the lenses should be wider and tall. Look for those with nose pads to keep your glasses off your cheek.

WM tip: Go for squares or wayfarers that best suit with the size of your face. Try styling your hair long and straight if you wish to have a lengthier illusion. Side swept or blunt bangs sweeping the brows are great ways to play around with your hair. Don’t forget to keep those brows arched.


If you have a strong jaw and broad forehead, all proportional in length and width, you are square! (we mean your face shape, not personality!) Believe it or not, your face shape is very high fashion.

A gorgeous strong face shape like yours will appreciate glasses that are rounder and upswept. Look for thin frames having neutral colors. You want to choose glasses that sit high on your nose as this will lengthen your face – it’s all about creating a balance for your face. Avoid overly boxed and narrow frames.

WM tip: Select a thin circular frame. You could try to keep your hair short and opt for long side-swept bangs that will help soften your strong features. Softer, more thinner brows help balance out your face shape.


Do you a narrow forehead and jawline with popping cheeks, just like the precious stone? Well then, you are a diamond!

You can play up your delicate features with fun cat-eye and oval shapes — frames that sweep up will emphasize your cheekbones. Try to avoid boxy and wide frames that might accentuate the width of your cheeks. Don’t forget to keep it delicate and sassy!

WM tip: Cat-eye frames are your best bet – they’re super chic too! A chin length bob cut with full bangs will help enhance your face and visually shorten it too.


If your face is longer than it is wide, you have an oblong face shape, similar to the ravishing Katrina Kaif.

This means that you might want to try over-sized glasses, especially the ones that are wider than your face — look for frames that are rounder with more depth and have a wide, decorative upper half. Avoid small and short frames.

WM tip: Go for large black reading glasses. You could try to curl your bangs that can help visually decrease the length of your face, plus, they look super cute too! With an oblong face shape, it’s ideal to have thick, short eyebrows that aren’t arched — just look to Audrey Hepburn for inspiration.


Let’s say you have a strong jawline but your face is longer than it is wide, if this is the case, you have a rectangular face shape.

Play against your facial contours, similar to the square face shape — curvy and oval-shaped glasses are the thing for you. But, unlike the square face shape, the wider the glasses, the more flattering their effect is on you. Contrast your bold features by avoiding rectangular shapes.

WM tip: The classic club-master or aviator style glasses are the ideal choices for you. You could play up your tresses with longer top layers and add a block fringe too.


If you have a broad forehead and cheekbones with a narrow chin, soft and delicate like the shape, you are the heart!

Rimless frames will work wonders for you – choose thin, light metal or clear plastic frames that are wider than your forehead and have details on the lower half. Look for light coloured frames and try to avoid overly embellished or heavy glasses as they might overwhelm your face. Remember! Your frames should soften out your features, not enunciate them.

WM Tip: We strongly suggest picking a pair of rimless glasses blindly! A haircut layered that’s tapered will help soften your jawline. Brows must be kept slick and curvy.


An oval is what you are if your forehead, jaw and chin are all proportionate to each other – that means you are the luckiest of them all!

You can pull off almost any frame shape, so look for bold shapes in fun colors and textures that can also add up to the glam. The size of your frame must maintain balance with that of your face. So go ahead and keep experimenting with your trials as pretty much, all frames will suit you.

WM tip: Butterfly frames will work greatly for you (think brighter shades). Shoulder length hair with brow skimming bangs will appear just perfect!

Things To Remember


We hope you have fun experimenting with different frames! You’ll never know how awesome it looks until you try it!