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4 Ways To Sort A Messy Closet Without It Seeming Like A Task

4 Ways To Sort A Messy Closet Without It Seeming Like A Task

If you’re anything like Katherine Heigl from the movie 27 Dresses, we know how overwhelming it might get every time you reach out to your wardrobe. And that’s also why we think decluttering the closet is an essential in our lives from time to time. Cleaning and reorganising the closet is usually what one dreads, and it may also seem like a TASK to many. As daunting as it sounds, if you’re one looking out to maximise your closet staples and walk out of home like a fashionista, wardrobe management is one of the many steps that’ll help you reach your goal. And, while it may seem unlikely, the truth is you can actually have fun while you’re at the battlefield (read: an overloaded closet). Don’t know how to go about it? Let WODROB help you out!

1. Turn up that volume

Remember when someone said music can move mountains. Well, we don’t know about that but what we do know is that it can help you declutter. Add a fun element to this otherwise tedious job by playing some music and shimmying around while you tackle that mess.

2. Mix, match… keep, throw

Call your gang of stylish friends home and while they’re there, let them try your clothes. Style, mix and match to see what you’d want to keep or discard. You can also figure out new ways to repeat your existing pieces. So why wait… gather your army and get started!

3. Swap or give away

Make this a community task by helping your friends clean up their wardrobe too. Ask them to get the clothes they’d want to throw, and see if you’d rather exchange it with your discarded pieces. You can give away the items tucked away into the closet abyss or swap them with your friends.

4. Try DIY

You can have your very own Project Runway session. Unleash the talented artist within you and try your hands at upcycling those old garments. Thanks to the Internet, there are tons of DIY accessories and clothing ideas that we think you’ve got to try at least once.