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We’ve Listed All You Need To Know To Organise Your Closet

We’ve Listed All You Need To Know To Organise Your Closet

No matter how big your house or closet is, you will never be able to find that one particular jacket when you need it the most? We hear you people. And you can thank your stars because we at WODROB are all about closet management. If you’re hanging by a thread with the “I’ll organise my closet this year” resolution, you’ve come to the right place. While we may (almost) be halfway through the year already, it’s never too late to start. If you’re one among those who believes in resolutions and are a compulsive hoarder (yes, we said that),  then we’ve listed some hacks for you.

Declutter right-away and organise that closet. Believe us when we say that getting dressed will get a lot simpler and less hectic when your closet is in place. WODROB’s No 1 rule is ‘organised closet is an organised life’. And if that’s your motto too, check out these five DIY hacks that will instantly help you save space and time.

Let Go Of Old Clothing

We know this is probably the toughest of them all but it also is the first step to an organised wardrobe. If you don’t have space for an item in your closet then you don’t have space for it in life too. Pare down your clothes inventory girls and what’s gotta go, has just gotta go. De-cluttering will give you space not only for more but NEW! Now that’s incentive enough isn’t it?

Label Your Drawers

What better way to organise than to know where everything is. Print decorative labels in the colours of your choice so you know exactly where you have stored everything. Keep your drawers clean so as to avoid fungus infestations. You can even use labels inside your cupboard or on the shelves. We’ve all mistaken that black pair of leggings for a black tee, haven’t we? Labelling drawers only helps cut down on the time it takes to find what you need. With this hack, you are bound to take less time to get ready in the morning.

Organise Shoes In A Wine Box

We know that one can’t have too many shoes right? So, let’s organise those shoes and get them all in one place. While this may sound extremely odd, wine boxes can be of great help in shoe organising. It will not only help increase longevity of your shoes, but also its usability. If you don’t have a designated shoe rack or drawer, use wine boxes covered in whatever wrapping paper you like and store your shoes in them. PS: You can store up to six pairs of flip-flops in one box.

Use Shelf Dividers

When it comes to your tops, tees or crop-tops, first things first…pull out every tee you own and fold them neatly. After this, get to folding your pants, jeans and skirts too. Once that is done, use shelf separate your shelves into categories like ‘Tees’, ‘Jeans’ , ‘Shirts’, etc.
WM Tip: Use drawer dividers for your lingerie and/or use lingerie bags to keep your lingerie lasting for long.

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DIY Accessory Drawers

We’re always rooting for chunky neckpieces and dangling earrings. But, what we’re not cool about is dumping them all in one plastic box and entangling them. If you have a few drawers to spare, replace the top of it with a glass panel and you’ll have yourself a jewellery armoire. The next time you want your golden hoops, you won’t have to rummage through every earring to find the right one. You can even convert one of your closet drawers inside your cupboard to look the same. Use drawer dividers to segregate your rings, necklaces and earrings.
WM TIP: Use pouches to store delicate jewellery like midi-rings, studs and layered feminine necklaces.