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Let Your T-shirt Do The Talking

Let Your T-shirt Do The Talking

T-shirts are classic pieces of clothing that everybody owns. They are comfortable, versatile and essentially a wardrobe basic. Lately, they have been making headlines in the world of fashion as designers are using it as a tool to voice their opinions. The first slogan t-shirts ever to be made are believed to be sold by Mr. Freedom in the 1960s at a shop started by Tommy Roberts and Trevor Myles on London’s Kings Road. The t-shirts had Disney designs which included images of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. They were sold out rather quickly.
If you’re of the thought that tees are too casual, then maybe you should think again. They can be used to make a statement and voice your opinions even! Let us tell you how.

To Show That You Care ‘Politically’

We all have opinions about certain things that matter and we all want to be heard, don’t we? Hold a protest or better; you could casually slip on a tee that speaks your mind. Katherine Hamnett did exactly this back in the 1980s when she shook hands with the Prime Minster while wearing a “58% Don’t Want Pershing” t-shirt. (The t-shirt referred to the public opposition to the basing of US Pershing missiles in the UK). Trending topics among many hot topics is one about feminism. From runways to various magazine shoots, these tees endorse slogans on the topic today.  Dior Spring summer 17 and Prabal Gurung a/w17 incorporated ‘feminism support tees’ into their collections too. That being the catalyst, next came Alia Bhatt flaunting her ‘F for Feminism’ crop top and Sonakshi Sinha with her ‘stri shakti’ photo shoot. We love how everyone has come in unison to support the cause however, we love more how the t-shirts are doing all the talking.

Being Funny Is Better Than Being Perfect

Show others that you can tickle their funny bone. On days you don’t feel like getting out of bed, these tees will help make you appear less grumpy and make people around you crack up too without you having to do nothing! These t-shirts consist of funny reel world dialogues and various jokes. Also remember that it takes a lot more thought than you think when it comes to selecting and buying these tees. It tells the world about your taste in movies and television shows, your cultural orientation, etc. Remember that the last laugh is always going to be on you so keep it light- hearted and avoid being offensive.

When Sarcasm Is Just One Of The Services You Offer

Sarcasm is a language that few speak and is understood by fewer people. To help you find your sarcastic other, a satirical t-shirt will help speed up the process. You don’t need to be offensive or diplomatic when you can be sarcastic, what do you think? If you are running late for a hangout and haven’t planned your outfit yet such tongue-in-cheek t-shirts will guarantee you attention.

Short, Sassy, Cute And Classy? Let Your T-shirt Describe You!

This is by far the best way to express yourself as a person. These tees help you tell the world who you are and what you stand for. This will also help connect with people more like you. The typography usually on such t-shirts are quite large so that they can be read from a mile away. While you’re out there being yourself, don’t try too hard to make it look ‘cool’. Keep it ethical and avoid crass language. Lets all have a good time while we’re at it, right?