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His Endless Blue Desires

His Endless Blue Desires

The world at large has distinct choices for cuisines, brands, places and what not but one thing everyone might agree upon is that they have at least a few sets of “Blues” in their wardrobe.  But, have you ever stumbled upon your brother’s preferences or boyfriend’s closet and found out that half of their wardrobe is blue? Well, yes, most guys are obsessed with the colour blue and we’re not joking when we say there is a scientific reason for it! The calming effect of blue is what attracts the boys. Blue projects a sense of certainty, loyalty, and understanding plus it looks uber cool so it’s a total win-win! On a lazy day, blue denims are the best escape. On the other hand, when they are getting ready for those corporate meetings, a blue shirt provides them the perfect balance. So, here we are going to tell you why their wardrobe ‘foundation’ is of the colour blue.

The Navy Blue Suit

The blue suit has successfully replaced the classic black suit. The navy blue suit is not only versatile but takes him from his workplace to a night out effortlessly.

WM tip: Swap your smart look to casual by just switching your white shirt to a t-shirt and brogues to white sneakers. You can even pair it up with your blue denims for that dapper look!

A Blue Shirt

Blue Shirts go with most skin tones. In addition, blue shirts also help give them a formal look, which is better than the classic white shirt. The blue colour blends with every colour and pattern subtly. That’s the reason why every man has a shade of blue in his closet due to its harmonious nature.

WM tip: Layer your shirt with a dark or light coloured blue blazer or you can even pair your blue shirt with joggers to nail that perfect ‘at leisure trend’ everyone is talking of.

Blue Denims

Nothing is more comfortable and affordable for him than blue denims. Blue denims can be paired with almost any colour, hence making it worthy to even invest in. Lighter blue jeans is best for summers, darker shade helps in elevating the look to an intense one while rugged blue denims will be the perfect choice on a casual day. Moreover, the longer he wears those blue denims, the more appealing it gets to him.

WM tip for guys: Choose stretchable jeans and always try the pair before splurging.

Blue Ties

Ever wonder why your boyfriend’s wardrobe is full of blue ties? Well, we have the answer. On one hand, blue ties provide an updated yet conservative look for all those formal presentations while on the other hand he can use the same blue tie and dress it down with loafers and chinos. On a party night, he chooses a navy blue bow tie over the classic black to stand out from the crowd. So, is the true deal.

WM tip: Pay attention to three things while buying a tie – proper length, width and fabric.

Blue Shades

After Johnny Depp was seen sporting blue shades most guys went gaga over it. But is that the only reason why most men prefer blue sunglasses or aviators? Well the answer is negative. Not only do blue lenses provide a calming effect to the eyes but they also help to minimise glare and reflection. Also, blue lenses can be worn on a hot summer day to give a soothing effect, on a breezy day to add to his style file, on a foggy day to look eased out and at sea to balance out the natural blues of the sky and the sea.

WM tip: Aviators shield and round frames go well with square shaped faces while oversized or retro shades are suitable for oval faces. If you have a round or a heart shaped face then a cat eye and retro square sunglasses are perfect for you.

Now you know where the obsession with the colour blue comes from! For us it maybe just one more colour but for them every shade of blue, be it cobalt blue, powder blue, Prussian blue, navy blue or royal blue have a different meaning to the men altogether.