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3 Innovative Ideas To Utilise Spaces With Storage Potential

3 Innovative Ideas To Utilise Spaces With Storage Potential

When it comes to us fashionistas, crisis situations are only those that are about closet management. Most stylistas almost always have more than they can store. Imagine spending all your monthly fortune over stunning outfits only to let go of some because of no space… not an option at all, isn’t it? Living in the city in clustered apartments has certainly limited the closet space, making things difficult. And if you’re sharing your wardrobe with a sibling, a roommate or your spouse, then dealing with storage issues can definitely drive you insane. Trying to fit clothing and accessories into tiny closets is challenging and frustrating at the same time. Which is why, you must leave all of this to the experts. WODROB shows you how to tackle these issues and utilise your apartment space to store all your sartorial necessities. We’ve got you some innovative storage ideas for when your clothes are pouring out of your wardrobe and you’re tight on space.

 Tuck under the bed

A common way to store all the stuff you use less is to slide boxes or crates under the bed. Use the bed frame for storage as well. Trundle beds (beds with a pullout drawer for storage) work best to create additional storage space. If you’re getting your furniture made from a local carpenter, you can get them to replicate the trundle bed.

 Try wall racks

Floating shelves, drilled hooks, as well as wall racks, are great ways to store light accessories. These free up floor space and also make for a great display. You can hang everything from scarves and hats on these hooks and place bags, shoes, and other accessories on the shelves.

 Repurpose a vintage suitcase

Store your out-of-season clothes into old trunks. Your knitwear and woollens are not for the warmer seasons, so store them in suitcases when you don’t need them. Vintage-styled, well-painted trunks double up as a tea table, a seating furniture, a nightstand or also decor pieces.