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Your Cheat Sheet To Styling Suspenders For Any Occasion

Your Cheat Sheet To Styling Suspenders For Any Occasion

Men aren’t really into accessorising all that much, and we do understand that one of the many reasons is the list of trinkets isn’t long for men. But if you’re one among those dapper boys, suspenders are a fundamental accessory to add to your closet. A functional and stylish piece, it’s perfect to wear to work. And guess what, fashion gurus have lately been breathing life back into them. But let’s be honest, this accessory is a total hit or miss. With the right styling you’re sure to look suave but hit the wrong note and you’ll be a living example of a fashion faux pas. Don’t worry, guys… this is where we get to work! WODROB has decoded three ways you can style suspenders without giving off a grumpy old man vibe.

Casual day out

Want to give a cool spin to your casual wear? Sport suspenders over a tee and jeans combination. You can totally skip the belt since the versatile suspenders will double up their duty by holding your loose pair of pants in place. If the suspenders over a t-shirt isn’t your style, then wear it over a casual shirt instead. Tan suspenders over a denim shirt make for a seriously spruced-up date look. You can even take solid coloured suspenders to the beach by donning it with a pair of shorts and micro-printed tee.

For a business meeting

The classic way to wear suspenders is to include it in your work attire. Pair these with a formal button-down shirt and well-tailored trousers. Stick to neutral hues like black, brown, navy blue or taupe when wearing suspenders to work. We suggest avoiding bright-coloured or even printed suspenders as they don’t give off a formal vibe. But if your workplace is chilled out (like ours at WODROB) then you can totally amp up your look with funky suspenders and a matching bowtie. Just layer with a blazer to complete this look.

To a day wedding

Weddings don’t really restrict you to wear formal outfits. But let’s be honest, it’s now become a norm. Nonetheless, you can totally opt for a semi-formal, easygoing outfit if you’re attending a day wedding. A pastel-hued shirt with subtle coloured suspenders works great if you’re going to show up to a rustic-themed wedding. Make sure you match the colour of your shoes with your suspenders so as to look instantly put together.