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3 Accessorising Formulas To Help Guys Amp Up Formal Outfits

3 Accessorising Formulas To Help Guys Amp Up Formal Outfits

Accessories can make a whole lot of difference to your look, no matter your gender. While accessorising is easy when donning casuals, the one thing to keep in mind when you’re sporting formal wear is to choose accessories such that it complements your outfit. Be it a necktie, pocket square, cuff links, belt or shoes, every element that you put together should work as a whole. When you’re picking a shirt, think of how you’re going to co-ordinate it with the other accessories. Sounds difficult, doesn’t it? Which is why WODROB has got you a few style tips to keep in mind when you’re dressing up formally. Here’s how you can keep it simple, classy and timeless guys!

Match your shoes and belt

You may know this already but we’ll emphasise it again – Always match your belt with your shoes. It’s important to get these little things right to look your dapper best. If you’re opting for a tan belt, then tan shoes are the way to go. When attending a black tie event, you don’t have to guess too much; just sport black Oxfords.

Add cufflinks and a wrist watch

Paying attention to every detail is the key to make your outfit look great. These subtle touches elevate an outfit to another level. A lot of men often forget to match their watch with their outfit. That said, you don’t need to own too many watches to do the same. A few classic versatile pieces can go a long way and work with most of your outfits.

Pick a tie and a pocket square

A tie is something you’ll probably reach out to first when you’re thinking of adding accessories to your ensemble. While many men just take the easy route by picking a tie in the same colour as their suit, we think that’s just being lazy. Try and experiment; keep in mind the patterns and prints along with the colours of your shirt and then pick a complementing tie. You can keep the colours in your outfit to a minimum of three. Also, take into consideration the proportions — how short or long your tie is. If it’s a casual event, you can skip the tie altogether. Similarly, a pocket square adds a pop of colour to your outfit and breaks the monotony of your suit.