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How To Buy #Neckpieces

How To Buy #Neckpieces

Girls are wearing costume jewelry now more than ever and sprucing up a plain outfit with a chunky neck piece or a string of beads which is quite the favoured trend today. However, knowing what the right neck piece is to buy can get quite tricky. Now, we trust you know what the right necklace is to wear on an outfit but did you know there are those that flatter your neck more than others do depending on your neck type? Yes, there is a ‘neck type’. Read on to find out the right neck pieces to buy depending on the length of your neck and its size. Women, you’ll better be taking notes (and men, you’ll should too for the next time you decide to buy your girl some jewelry).

For The Well-Shaped Neck

Now, what’s a well-shaped neck you ask? It’s one that looks proportionate to your face and isn’t too long or stubby. You shouldn’t be too bothered about what suits your neck type as most neck pieces will. Adorn your neck with a choker, it will help enhance your length or you could even wear a long string of pearls on a plain LBD and that should do. Also, keep in mind your face shape, if you have oval face, any piece does, if you have an elongated face shape, steer away from long neck pieces and if you have a round face, a choker will make it look rounder and stubbier.
WM Tip: Collars, Chokers and Matinees, are all perfect choices for you.

For The Long-Stretched Neck

If your neck is of this type then it essentially means that your neck looks longer than usual. Your aim should be to mask your imperfection with the necklaces you choose. Select those pieces that are layered and will take attention away from the length of your neck. Choose beaded or layered ornaments to suit your neck and always keep in mind the outfit you are pairing it with. Don’t go in for chokers or ropes as they will leave the length of your neck exposed it may end up looking disproportionate.
WM Tip: Princess cuts and Opera pieces will suit you best.

For The Fat-Heavy Neck

Since chunky pieces are trending right now, if you fall in this category you are considered the few lucky ones. Chunky jewelry, big beads and bone necklaces are sure to flatter your neck. They help make it look less on the fatter side giving it a slimming effect. Also, for a quick way to figure out the perfect necklace length, measure the extended length of the necklace you wear most often and this will give you an idea of the neck piece to choose accordingly.
WM Tip: Collars and Multi-string chunky pieces are ideal for this neck type.

For The Short-Wide Neck

If you fall in this category, opt for long ornaments that help take away attention from the size of your neck. Choose a long string of beads or any long piece of jewelry, ideally till your breast-bone or even up to your belly. Snug pieces around the neck are a strict no-no. Also, keep in mind your height, if you’re not taller than 5’4, go in for those pieces that sit long at your collar bone. Delicate pieces of long length will suit you best.
WM Tip: Opera, Bib-necklaces and Thread pieces will make for perfect choices for you.

Dress your neck right and buy correct pieces the next time you go jewelry shopping. Accessorising is key sometimes and now you know the correct piece depending on your neck type. Florals, chunky pieces, vintage ornaments and geometric curves are quite the fad today so, choose wisely. All things considered, only you can decide the perfect piece for your neck type and outfit. Go all out ‘cause you’ve got all the information you need to choosing the perfect piece to flatter your neck.