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How To Colour Co-ordinate Like A Pro

How To Colour Co-ordinate Like A Pro

While neutrals are in and sticking to them helps avoid faux pas, be inventive with what you wear. Colours help bring out not only your personality but your eye colour, hair and skin. Contrasting well is a cardinal rule in dressing but what goes with what is a dilemma we all face. Haven’t you picked up a light coloured pant and put it back wondering what colours you could possibly wear with it!

Let us here at WODROB help you with colour coordinating and contrasting. Let’s go back to basics and strictly stick to simple terminologies-dark and light colours.  

Neutral Hues

Your primary goal should be that the colours you pair are in harmony with each other. Neutrals like whites, navy blues and greys pair well with most colours. Everything goes with everything! You can pair neutrals and be assured of looking great. However, if your neutrals are printed, make sure the print is small and subtle.

WM Tip:  Focus on the fit since the color is neutral.

Light on Dark

Recently, have you thrown on a white shirt with a pair of black pant? This is something we do on a regular basis and this staple combination can be put into practice with monochrome colours. You could also try going to the extreme spectrum of the light and dark rule here but playing only with one colour. For example you could pair your light blue shirt with a dark blue pant.

WM Tip: Play with textures, prints on the lighter coloured garment.

Dark on Light

Again, dark on light makes for an easy contrast. But that’s not all. Dark colours pair well with numerous shades and patterns. Remember always that a white pant will go well with a dark tee or shirt. Here, the lighter hued garment should always be a solid colour but the dark can have prints and patterns.

WM Tip: Compliment your footwear always with darker garment.

Light on Light

This coordination is something most of us are wary about but don’t be anymore! Increasingly it has been noticed that light colours pair well with other lights too. However, always make sure that not both the garments are in solid colours. Use the rule ‘Surface Development’ where there is an embellishment, or is ripped or has textured pockets on either piece.

WM Tip: Add a statement bag, belt, bindi, etc.

Dark on Dark

This coordination can be experimented with greatly. Let us give you a ‘cheat’ here- black should be your go-to color for either top or bottom. Remember that the garments’ colours should be complimenting each other always. For example you could pair your blue denim jeans with your pink tank top but not with anything purple.

WM Tip: Here, both garments should never be of same colour.

However, there are two exceptions we think are permissible. You can step out in all white or all black and be fearless. It works, believe us.