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WODROB’s 2-Step Guide To Finding Out Your Correct Body Type

WODROB’s 2-Step Guide To Finding Out Your Correct Body Type

Man or woman, it is very important to be aware of what your body shape is and what kind of clothes suit your body type. But with so much up on the Internet about this matter, let’s just say it is very easy to get lost in a pool of information. Especially women… we’ve got so many articles on determining your body type. From equating your shape to a fruit like a ‘pear’ or an ‘apple’ to being labelled inappropriately, well, there is a list we can go on with. But that’s not what the agenda is today. Instead, we’re listing down two easy steps to knowing your correct body shape and type.

Not all of us are created equally and that’s the beauty of the human body, we think. Especially when it comes to women, we’re all created in various shapes, and knowing which body type you are will make your shopping spree a lot less stressful and your tailor visits a lot less hectic. Dressing appropriately for your shape is key and the first step to mastering that is asking yourself what is my body shape? Rather than comparing yourself to other celebrities you may look up, arrive at the correct solution by answering the below few questions WODROB has to ask you.

Measure Yourself

We’re sure you know your height and weight and for those weight-conscious people, we’re sure you even know your BMI (Body Mass Index). However, that’s not what we mean when we say measure yourselves. Measure the parts that are crucial to know about ‘tailoring’ and ‘fit’.
Shoulders –  Use a measuring tape from the tip of one shoulder all the way to the other.
Bust –  Measure around the fullest part of your bust.
Waist –  Measure around the smallest part just above your belly.
Hip –  With a measuring tape, measure across your hip bone and around your butt and back to the other hip bone.

Photo Credit: OPRAH.COM

The Shape Finder

Now that you have full knowledge of all your body measurements, let us use them to determine what shape you actually are. Instead of comparing yourself to fruits, let’s keep it to geometric shapes, shall we?
If you have broad shoulders that seem larger than your hips, you’re a Triangle. If your shoulders, bust and hips are approximately the same sizes and your waist isn’t in any way defined then you’re a Rectangle. Then again, if your hips are in any way broader than your shoulders then… yes, you’ve guessed it right, you’re an Inverted Triangle. Have a defined waistline with your shoulders and hips in the same line? Then you’re an Hourglass. Also, If you have large hips and a large bottom (we love the curves BTW) then you’re a Plus Size.

There are very few of us with an absolutely proportioned body and whatever the above two pointers have revealed about your body shape, always make sure that you are confident in your own skin. Nothing gleams more than a confident woman who is comfortable with her body. Now, you can select an outfit that allows both balance and the right fit and makes you look your gorgeous self.