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Looking To Layer In Style, Boys? We’ve Got You Covered!

Looking To Layer In Style, Boys? We’ve Got You Covered!

In case you thought this was a fall-centric article, think again. Layering is not only for months when it’s cold. In fact, you can pretty much incorporate layered pieces in other seasons without having a hot flash. Especially when the temperature drops in office, and you’re way too stylish to just work that zippered sweatshirt. The key to layer garments in such situations is to use lightweight pieces. A layered ensemble looks great as it adds depth to any outfit, lending different elements to it. Putting together a layered outfit isn’t the most difficult task, but it can go drastically wrong if the fabrics, textures, patterns, and colours are not taken into consideration while styling. This is why we’ve decided to show you three unconventional ways to layer your clothes so you look your dapper best. Read on…

T-shirt over a tee

The double tee layering trend is a regular street style trick. Also, it is probably the easiest way to try your hand at layering. A short sleeve t-shirt over a long sleeve tee is one such way to sport this. You can also opt for short-sleeved tee over another that has slightly oversized sleeves than the first. Take a cue from the images below and style it the way you please!

Double tee layering for men
Pic: Amazon; Rowan Row, Instagram; Mossimo lookbook

Sweater over a shirt

A nerdy yet classy look, a light sweater over a shirt is a great way to layer your garments. The key here is to experiment with various textures. Knitted tees over cotton shirts work really well. You can also play around with patterns in the same outfit — don a solid-hued, patterned or printed shirt under your sweater.

Sweater over shirt layering for men
Pic: David Gandy, David James Gandy; EMS Live 2015; Tobias, Instagram 

Shirt over a hoodie

The general rule when it comes to layering is to begin from thin to thick layers. But well, we do know that in the sartorial world, we don’t go by the rules! Work your layers the other way round to achieve an uber-cool look. Sport a plain shirt or a denim shirt over your hoodie. You can also work a lightweight jacket over your hooded sweatshirt (depending on how cold it really is)! Team it up with a pair of denims and complete the look with casual sneakers.

Denim shirt over hoodie layering for men
Pic: Adam Gallagher, I Am Galla; Cody Andrew, Hello His; Pinterest