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How To Not Basic

How To Not Basic

Bored of your same ol’ looks? We are too. After a little digging and experimenting, we came up with a few tips to help you upgrade your wardrobe. While you may have a dozen shirts and tees sitting in your cupboard, they aren’t always occasion-appropriate.  

We understand that sometimes wearing a fancy top or even just accessorizing can be over-dressing that is why we’ve come up with a few simple hacks to help solve that dilemma. The next time you want to go for something as simple as a t-shirt, you could just follow a few of our tips and revamp that outfit, making it different. The same hack holds appropriate for formal wear too.

Colour Me Casual

The Layer Player

Throwing a denim jacket over your white tee isn’t layering enough. Maybe the next time you’d like to do something different, you could just add an extra layer to the look. For example, you could throw on a long shrug first and then on it, a denim shirt/jacket. Style this look with a pair of sneakers and a watch and you’re good to go.

Under Laid

It may come to you as a surprise that layering can be done on the insides as well as it is done on the outside. You could add layers to your outfit from within rather than bulking up the outsides. For example, you could layer a long zipper-tee with a basic white tee and add some accessories to the mix like maybe a cap or a scarf. Keep in mind however, while adding these accessories, colour should be a major factor to consider. Make sure all the elements of your outfit when layering are colour-coordinate. You can finish this look by adding on a military green loose jacket.

All Spruced Up

You could layer your plain white tee with a grey basic t-shirt inside. Add on a bomber jacket and a pair of trainers for a sporty look. Want to add some quirk to the scene? A pair of round glasses maybe?

‘Blaze’ Up and Go Formal

Your shirts and formal pants could use an upgrade. By adding a velvet blazer (which will also add some texture to the look) to your attire, it will make a statement of it. If velvet isn’t your thing you could opt for suede too. By adding a pair of square-framed spectacles and a watch, the outfit would look transformed and fresh. Keep it trendy with a pair of loafers or mules.

 Party Ready

Office party and bored of your formals? Try adding a lightweight open cardigan with a black belt to your attire. Spruce up the look with a bow tie and make it a semi-formal look.

Dare To Be Different

Apart from being totally exhausted, we understand how pains-taking it is to look trendy and fresh for an outing after a day of work. You could add a knitted shrug or cardigan to your formal basic outfit. Also, if you want to add a different element to the look, you could pair the look even with a beret (for the retro you). Don’t always stick to the done-and-dusted, use your imagination and have fun with your clothes.

Shot and Edited by Sangeeta Baishya for WODROB
Shot at the Indian School of Design Innovation (ISDI)