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Our 4-Step Guide To Cleaning Up That Shoe Closet Right Away

Our 4-Step Guide To Cleaning Up That Shoe Closet Right Away

Shoes are an integral part of every ensemble. And if you were of the opinion that only women are obsessed with footwear, you’ll be amazed at the number of shoes some men can stock up in their closet at any given time. While shoe love is undoubtedly true love, being a shoe hoarder is an absolute no-no. Not only is it a crime to not pay heed to an increasing shoe stock in the cupboard(s), it’s also highly unhygienic and can lead to a classic case of clutter. Which is why we think you need to organise your shoe closet every time you clean up your wardrobe. This may seem a  little difficult at first, but when worked on as a routine it is by far the best organisational skill to hone. But how does one declutter a shoe closet? That’s exactly where WODROB steps in. This time, we’re breaking it down for you as a step-by-step guide on how to redo your shoe closet in a jiffy.

1. Check if it’s comfortable

There’s no doubt that comfort is key when it comes to both shoes and clothing. Which is why sort out all your old shoes and try them on one after the other to see if they’re comfortable or not. Any sign of discomfort should be reason enough for you to discard those shoes immediately and donate it to someone who needs it more.

2. Trendy or not?

We’re not saying it’s a must have to be on-trend all the time. In fact, to each his own. But some shoes just don’t make the cut in the trend space. Think that the shoe silhouette is outdated for your liking? Well, if it’s a yes, we suggest you let that pair out of your closet too.

3. Will you wear it again?

Have you ever looked at a shoe that’s in your closet and thought to yourself ‘I’m never wearing that again.’ Your reasons could be anything from not liking the style or being certain that it’s not a shoe that suits your current wardrobe. If you think you’re never going to slip into it again, give it away to someone else who probably needs it.

4. Is it good enough?

Yes, some shoes are nothing but irreplaceable. But ask yourself if it’s really worth stocking up something that is beyond repair? We think it’s not. Whether it’s a pair of worn-out leather block heels or stained suede sneakers, gauge which ones will not come back in the right form after a repair session at the cobbler. That’s the pair you ought to chuck out.