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A Lesson In Opting For The Right Shoes With Different Pants

A Lesson In Opting For The Right Shoes With Different Pants

We often find it tricky to figure out which shoes to pair with our outfits. As it is, hunting for the perfect pair of pants is one task and to top that off, deciding which shoes would look the best with it is another. A pair of shoes can make or break your look and that’s exactly why one needs to be careful while picking out their shoes for every outfit. While it is the safest to sport a pair of black shoes, it’s time we explore beyond that. WODROB has curated nine pairs of shoes along with tips on how to style them and which ones pair the best to complement your outfit.

Grey Pants

Without a doubt, a pair of black shoes will be your go-to shoes. Depending on the occasion, you can opt for a pair of black loafers with grey trousers when off for formal events. Wear a pair of black Converse sneakers with a casual pair of grey jeans. You can also wear brown shoes with grey pants. The cool tone of the grey pants with the warm tone of the brown shoes will create a perfect balance.

Shoes for men-Grey-Pants
Pic Credits: Siyaram;  Tejeshwar Sandhoo/Instagram; Pinterest

WODROB’s Style Tip: Team up a navy blue micro-printed shirt with a pair of grey chinos. Wear brown shoes to complement the look. This outfit is a great smart casual look.

Olive Pants

Olive is quite a versatile colour, which is why most hues look great with it. Similarly, brown scores high in versatility too, and is perfect with olive. For a semi-formal event, pair olive trousers with tan tasseled loafers. White sneakers or even blue sneakers work well with this olive.

Shoes for men-Olive-Pants
Pic Credits: Pinterest; Usaamah Siddique/Instagram; Styleoholic

WODROB’s Style Tip: Match your accessories with your shoes. A brown pair of shoes looks best when worn with olive pants and a brown belt.

White Pants

You can pair absolutely any coloured shoes with a pair of white pants. And yes, white on white also looks pretty cool. If you’re sporting a formal outfit with a blazer, match the colour of your shoes with it. For instance, in case your blazer has burgundy checks on it, don a pair of burgundy shoes with your white trousers. White makes for a great canvas and enables you to pair two contrasting colours as well. If you’re wearing a navy blue tee with white pants, opt for a pair of mustard espadrilles for an uber-cool ensemble.

Shoes for men- White Pants
Pic Credits: Tumblr;  Sarang Patil/Instagram; Pinterest

WODROB’s Style Tip: Take a cue from actor Ayushmann Khurrana and go monochrome with your pants and shoes.