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2 Hacks To Transform Your Boring Shirt Into A Trendy Piece

2 Hacks To Transform Your Boring Shirt Into A Trendy Piece

We’ve all got that old shirt that’s lying in the wardrobe but you refuse to part with because ‘it’s JUST a little worn out yet stylish’. Been there, done that, Sometimes we are too attached to certain pieces despite it being old-fashioned. These outfits never see the light of the day and we end up hoarding them. Guess what, you don’t have to anymore. We’ve found you a hack (and more) that will help revive this fave piece of yours. Team WODROB scouted the Internet and figured out two easy DIYs that you can use to upcycle and refashion your old shirt so as to create something wearable and trendy. Read on…

Turn it into a statement top

Still not over the off-the-shoulder trend? Then this one is for you. Check out how the creative and stylish Ann Le from Life Ann Style revamped her old shirt into a cute off-the-shoulder top. All you need is an oversized shirt, an elastic band and basic sewing skills.

Begin by marking from where you’d cut off the top portion of the shirt along with the collar. Use a pair of scissors to chop this portion off. Now place the shirt on a surface and fold over a thick portion toward the inside of the shirt. Sew it leaving just enough open space to allow the elastic band to go through it. Post this, use a safety pin and carefully push the elastic band into this space and finally sew the open end. Voila! New off-the-shoulder top that costs you hardly anything.

Turn it into a buttoned skirt

If you’ve been wanting to own a 70s-style button-down mini skirt, then we’ve got you just the hack that’ll get you one. V from My Style Diaryy transformed her chambray shirt into the mentioned skirt, with little effort.

Start by ripping out the pocket of the shirt. Use a scissor to chop off the sleeves, the collar and carefully cut just where the yoke ends. Measure your waist and mark it onto the cut shirt accordingly and also leave extra space for sewing. Cut along and sew the edges on the inside. Once you cut it to the desired length, hem it for a neat finish. And there you have it, a brand new skirt.