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Here’s EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Storing Your Suits

Here’s EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Storing Your Suits

Yes we know you boys shell out most of your money on that gaming console and PS whatevers’! But the one fashion essential you don’t seem to mind spending on is a good suit. If you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m no suit guy”, well Mr. Counterculture, let’s be honest…you WILL wear a suit sometime in your life. And while you’re out making the moves and looking oh-so-suave, the hustle is bound to affect your suit. The one step after owning a suit is knowing how to care for it.

Hear us out on how to store that suit right and you can thank us later. Think of your suit like your girlfriend. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying it’s high-maintenance. Instead, you’ve got to take care of it (like your girl) and give it all the attention so it sticks around for long. (Too much?) We’ll make it simpler for you.

A Suit Hanger

First things first — no wire hangers ever, please. Instead choose a wide hanger made of wood. This will help maintain the shape of the suit thereby prolonging its life. Always hang your suit when you’re not wearing it. The correct hanger will have a contoured shape and fit the width of the suit perfectly. Choose a hanger made of a natural material so it helps absorb moisture from the suit.
WM Tip: If you are bound to take off your suit, keep a spare hanger at work and fling it onto your chair.

A Cloth Suit Bag

When bought, the suit may have come wrapped in plastic and is still probably tucked in that plastic bag as is. Well, ditch it immediately. The way to go is to use a cloth bag, guys. It helps protect your suit from moths and also from wrinkling. A neat cloth bag encourages air flow and will allow the suit to breathe inside your closet.


If you travel with a suit often (and even if you don’t), invest in a light-weight travel bag. Choose one that is breathable and will hold the suit well. A travel bag will pose as your suit’s BFF during a long stay away from home.