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Floral Skirts Always Top The Summery Outfit List. Here’s How You Can Style It In 2018

Floral Skirts Always Top The Summery Outfit List. Here’s How You Can Style It In 2018

Floral skirts always find a way into most women’s wardrobe. And why shouldn’t they? After all, they add a summery feel in life and the closet. Also, it’s the best break one can get from the monotony of black. Floral skirts are for keeps; Blair Waldorf and her army’s uniform proves just that.
The last few years, floral skirts have revamped to receive a modern update — coordinated sets, print on print, preppy school girl style, and what not. And with a new fashion season this 2018, there are going to be a few twists in this style of skirts. Check out how Team WODROB styles different floral skirts for you to take full advantage of the summery outfit.

Latino Flair

The Latino-style asymmetrical ruffled skirts occupy the ideal spot between safe and playful. With the right length and the perfect level of chic, this skirt spells the recipe for great style. Team your ruffled skirt with a casual feminine strappy top and look like a summer dream. Stockings, boots, a t-shirt or anything too bulky or sporty is a big no-no with ruffled skirts.How to style an asymmetrical floral skirt in 2018

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Sheer Marvel

A bit Cinderella, a bit drama, and sightly Victorian is how this look came to being. The ultimate in feminine elegance with a whole lot of oomph, sheer skirts are the perfect way to bare it all, yet reveal nothing. If worn the right way, it can also be great camouflage for the not-so-perfectly toned body. Wear it with a coordinated bralette and you are all set to sizzle. From the beach to a casual brunch with friends, embrace this look for a number of occasions. If you are unsure of this ensemble as it can be a little bold, keep the colours very safe. Black, peach, or white seems like a good hue to sport this skirt in.

How to style a stylish and sheer floral skirt in 2018

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A Neutral Number

Never thought floral skirts could be neutral and mellow? Neither did we. But then we thought of Serena van der Woodsen. If Blair was all about A-line diva skirts, Serena (when not simmering in shimmer) made sure she kept it neutral and effortless. A floral skirt in pale hues, pastels or neutrals, is a great way to keep things interesting without it being the centre of attraction. Wear it to work if you happen to be placed in a cool company (like WODROB), for when you’re clubbing, or even to a movie. These work great with slogan tees as well as over-sized boyfriend shirts.

How to style a neutral floral skirt in 2018

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